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29 Jan 2010
The second-leg in Copa was understood as a training session by several papers, but at the same time the Galician media praised the pride and professional behaviour shown by a Deportivo that was full of young people.

La Opinión A Coruña: Honorable farewell. Against a mission impossible, for which Miguel Angel had little hopes, Depor responded with a win that’s insufficient but honorable (0-1). Bodipo scored before the pause in a game as dull as irrelevant. There was no miracle this time, although we saw dignity in the team's performance, which allowed the debut of three players from Fabril.

The tie was sentenced at the Riazor, and that explains the cold start in this irrelevant encounter, an ugly invitation to yawn. The people attending to the stadium were as brave as the ones that endured without complains until the 18th minute, period of time in which there was no action that deserved a repetition on television. With Depor focused to play safely but in short, without depth, and with Sevilla in training plan mode, with a starting eleven composed by quality players, but without connection between Romaric and Luis Fabiano, and without any dangerous on the wings with Perotti and Capel.

In front, Deportivo obeyed its coach trying to give a serious and competitive impression, but most of the first part remained in timid intentions, only to become more ambitious in the minutes before the break. Lotina recovered the double pivote figure used at the start of la liga, Juca and Juan Rodriguez, ahead of Juan Dominguez, who was the playmaker; the youngster played with an ease that astounds with every game that passes, besides Ivan Perez and Pablo Alvarez switched their side, and the coach gave entry to another Fabril’s player, Diego Seoane, who occupied the left-back position and not the right; in the shadow and memory of Filipe.

With this approach, Deportivo wasn’t in a hurry to score fast and start dreaming, neither fell victim of the relaxation as to take off its defensive armor. Sevilla didn’t hurt, not even with a distant shot that grazed the crossbar by Perotti, or another attempt from Capel that was stopped by Manu. So the Galicians released their football and their best move, which offered the 0-1

The Pizjuán whistled its team at half-time; Deportivo’s players had before them a misty landscape. They never gave the sensation of been able to raise three goals against them, but the opponent gave worst feelings. Depor was now working with the serenity of someone that has nothing to lose. Although Sevilla kept a comfortable margin of two goals, they were nervous, blushed to give a victory to a rival that came dying. Sevilla had more chances in the final half and Depor did not give the impression that was going to score again against Javi Varas.. At least it achieved a triumph at the house of a rival that, again, qualifies with another defeat at home.

La Voz De Galicia: Depor washed its image in the Copa; too stained after the big score of the first-leg. It was better than a boring Sevilla during the first half, and was outplayed in the second, moment when Lotina decided to play without a forward for fifteen minutes. The game was born dead, because everything was distilled in the first game. Sevilla received Deportivo as the host that welcomes the brother-in-law on a weekday saying that wants to dinner. Jimenez’s team never wanted  to play, and to make things worse it was cold, raining and there were just over 13,000 souls at the stadium, the fans did enough not reporting for cheating to whom made them pass through the box office. The Andalusian team never pressed the accelerator, avoided to risk the foot and pressed just with the view. Everyone fell into apathy except Luis Fabiano, who was seeking the first goal after his comeback, and Capel, who always has that little motor enabled.

As Sevilla was not willing to run or play, it didn’t need it after the bath of the first leg, Sevilla allowed Deportivo to do what they wanted in the first half. Lotina planted with a 4-2-2-1-1 figure, with Juca and Juan Rodriguez at the pivote functions, Ivan on the right, Pablo Alvarez on the left and Juan Dominguez as the playmaker. The connection between the youngster and Pablo was the best thing of the first half, in which Depor fooled around the goal, but did not kiss her. Depor never believed in the miracle of the comeback (no team has raised three goals in Cup history) and played at the pace that Sevilla accepted.

Only when the ball came to Juan Dominguez (what a football player is baking) and Pablo Alvarez the game left the encephalogram of a pre-season match. The goal came on a play started with an error of Adriano and continued by Ivan Perez Alvarez and Dominguez, signed later by Bodipo, who only had to stretch the foot to push (min 43) the service of the Asturian. Exemplary was the reaction of Juan Dominguez, a man of faith that instead of celebrating the goal with his teammates ran toward the goal to raise the ball. He believed in the comeback. At that time, the good people of Sevilla was angry. With good reason. The whistles at halftime gave the impression that, suddenly, the Pizjuán was filled.

Sevilla went out from the locker room as lost as in the first half. Within six minutes, Jimenez sent a message replacing an inactive Perotti with Navas, who is intense even in trainings. Sevilla’s coach was frightened. Bodipo gave to him two more reasons in the following minutes. First heading out a good service of Ivan Perez (min 53), and later (min 56) was on the route to face Javi Varas one-on-one when he was fouled by Fernando Navarro. It was a straight red, but Teixeira Vitienes didn’t say anything

The ghost of the 0-2 awoke the Andalusian, who began to push; then they put their feet and run. That is, to compete, in other words what they never did throughout the match. It was enough to force Depor to the withdrawal. Situation that became worse after the injury of Bodipo. Lotina had Adrian on the bench, but decided not to spend that bullet for now, maybe thinking of Madrid. Bodipo was replaced by midfielder Dani, so the team ran out front, with Pablo Alvarez as playmaker. After claudicating, he launched another message: Rochela for Juca. Eight homegrown players at Depor’s squad, unheard-of. They tried to stop a Sevilla already awake and that was close to score, but that was denied by Manu in two opportunities. With ten minutes remaining, Adrian entered and no one knows why. Rubén Ventureira.

El Ideal Gallego: Young people show their faces in Seville. Deportivo showed his face in Seville, it won the match, played with discretion and demonstrated that it knows how to overcome adversity. It was an impossible mission that wasn’t achieved, but at least we saw a team that, with few resources and little imagination, is gradually taking out new projects from its modest factory. Lotina bet on many youngsters from Fabril, as it was expected, highlighting the appearance of Seoane debuting as starter. The side defender, who is used to play on the right at Fabril, never committed an error in the game.

Marca: Night training at the Pizjuán. Sevilla and Deportivo changed their schedules for a day. The morning workout didn’t take place, instead it was at night, at the Pizjuán, scene of a ‘false’ football match that could have been saved by the two teams if they had consented.

Lotina was not a traitor and told in a news conference: "It is foolish to think of the comeback”. Lighter impossible. The miracle that no one expected to see, it never menaced to appear in Seville. Depor, thanks to the goal of Bodipo, took the most useless meeting recently remembered, a null match that was formalizing what was already known: the presence of Sevilla in semifinals.

The introduction, the development and the denouement of the film was broadcast at the Riazor. It ended a week ago and both teams understood it, something that the brave people at the stands never welcomed. The procedure was impossible to avoid. The clock of Vitienes Teixeira, judge of the contest, was on everybody's mind, eager to go to the shower and think about the future. The evening session was a headache that even had negative consequences: Drago was injured and Bodipo couldn’t continue. Jimenez and Lotina may worry. Delfín Melero.

Diario de Sevilla: Tie resolved for Sevilla with an unexpected cost. The Andalusians will be in the semifinals of the Copa Del Rey thanks to a strong first-leg at the Riazor, but lose the more fit player for several weeks due to a broken rib: Dragutinovic. These are things of football, almost never allows to enjoy a complete happiness, but the train does not stop and it is better to keep what is good, i.e. the presence of Manuel Jimenez’s team for the second consecutive year among the final four candidates to win the title. The ‘training’ was won by Deportivo, but the qualification was never in danger for Sevilla, side that arrived late to the training and reduced the session to forty-five short minutes. Francisco José Ortega.



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