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01 Feb 2010
As it could be expected, the papers emphasised the end of the curse of Real Madrid at the Riazor. The lack of intensity, the casualties and event the fear were appointed as the causes of the third home defeat on the liga season.

La Opinión A Coruña: Wanting but without the power. Real entered to the game with the tactical disposition of a diamond at midfield, without specific wingers, just their side defenders. It accumulated many people inside, aided by the support of Benzema, which was forcing Deportivo’s wingers to move their position in order to help at the centre. Since the Blanquiazul defensive line was moved and with the wingers towards the centre in order to help the other midfielders,  Madrid found a way open on the wings, with too much space, something seized by several players, Kaka, Granero or Arbeloa, to create scoring opportunities. In the second part, Madrid, with the result in favor, played without much depth and when they didn’t have ball, they retreated and sought to sentence through a counterattack. Deportivo continually tried, but it lacked to create more opportunities. It tried and failed. Lotina put Juan Rodriguez at the centre seizing the mobility of Adrian, this in order to bring dynamism to the attack, as it happened after Ivan Perez entered into the game. Richard Barral.

La Voz De Galicia: A brilliant Madrid broke the spell at the Riazor. Not even needed its fetish, Cristiano (Ronaldo). Raul will not retire without winning in A Coruña, which was what the crowd wanted. The white team jumped into the grass fueled by Barca’s win. It boldly went for the goal, which was frustrated by Aranzubia with a great response to a violent shoot of Benzema. But the second chance came, Laure poorly cleared a soft cross and the ball went meekly to the head of Granero, who just crossed Aranzubia.

The goal gave confidence to Real, which featured its best version of a first half that has been seen at the Riazor since 1991. It played with speed and depth, with the wingers breaking through the sides and with Kaka in the inside. The offensive display was born of their superiority in midfield, where Xabi Alonso, Guti and Granero taught a lesson to the visual marking of a Deportivo team that denied the pressure. Raul was close to score the second in a couple of occasions, but first it missed the target for a few tenths, and later his shot met Aranzubia.

Meanwhile, Depor spent the time bailing the water. Too many roads were open on the defensive line and midfield to think of attacking, because for that you have to accumulate three passes in a row. When it finally got it and was around the area, at the twilight of the first half, Real Madrid responded with a counterattack armed by Kaka that ended in the goal of Benzema with a heel pass from Guti.

Depor continued to watch at the start of the second half, and Aranzubia had to appear again to avoid the third, this time after a shot from Kaka. The reaction began when Valerón, lost in yesterday’s game, was replaced by an electrical Ivan Perez, who was placed on the right flank, which moved Juan Rodriguez to the playmaker role. The Andalusian hurt in that position, because he gave the ball and completed a couple of very drinkable shots. The Galician team harassed for a few minutes, but fizzled when Madrid began to move the ball over the grass. When the game was dying, Riki encouraged the fans causing a penalty that he scored later. Riazor bristled at the possibility of the miracle, but Benzema killed the illusion. Guti celebrated kneeling on the field, leaving the photo of the end of the curse. Rubén Ventureira

Xornal De Galicia: The curse was for Depor. When Real Madrid played at the Riazor in recent years, you just needed to see the faces of its players to realize they would lose. The ‘Whites’ came in fear, knowing that the curse of the Riazor was over them. Depor, spurred on by its fans, always went out encouraged, and believing they would win, almost by inertia. Because Madrid knew it would lose, and the blue and white team was determined to make the game of the season. But this time, everything changed. In this case, it was the faces of Depor’s players which gave the impression things weren’t good. Because a lot was talked during the week of the curse of the Riazor, and now Los Blanquiazules were those in fear. Because maintaining a tradition, almost legendary, also means too much responsibility. There was fear of losing. And this time, who seized the situation was Real Madrid. The roles were exchanged. It was the world upside down at the Riazor.

And is that last night meeting was almost a carbon copy of the latest meetings between Depor and Real at the Riazor, but with the shirt changes. Real dominated, Depor was not able to leave the cave, and the visitors went to the break with a 0-2, result that wasn’t bigger because Raul missed two clear goals, but the score could have been scandalous. Omar Bello

Marca (Madrid): The magic of Guti frightens the 'witches'. Real Madrid broke the spell at the Riazor that lasted 18 years. It did it practicing a good football led by a fantastic Guti, who controlled the game at will and that will be remembered by one of his magic tricks.

Madrid knew what was at stake after Barca’s win in Gijón, and came ready to end once and for all the curse that was threatening its chances in la liga. The circumstances made the lineup for Pellegrini, who had many important casualties (Dudek, Drenthe, Metzelder and four homegrown players occupied the bench) for a duel that seemed crucial for the destiny of the championship. After a week talking about Cristiano Ronaldo, no one thought of him in La Coruña. It turns out that only with Xabi Alonso in midfield, Kaka and Granero at the wings and Guti as a bullfighter, the team worked brilliantly. Fran Vilallobos

AS (Galicia): Riki woke the 'witches' too late. The weight of history played for Deportivo, but the weight of the present said the opposite. The casualties plagued both teams, but while Real Madrid has an Armani suit at the bottom of its wardrobe, Deportivo has to dress in Zara. The damage of the remembered Filipe is enormous, especially since Guardado broke himself before. Not even the inspiration of Aranzubía could stand up a team that plays with what it has; a team that’s doing enough to be surrounding the Champions League zone.

To feel depressed by the defeat is stupid, the same as thinking that the 'witches' of the Riazor would not going to expire one day, much as Riki tried to wake them up. After enjoying two decades, the defeat came, which incidentally discovered the silent ‘Madridismo’ that nested in A Coruña. The hope, which yesterday was on, falls against the giants. If Lendoiro does not sign somebody for the left-back position, the second round will be a very hard way, because neither the most incredible miracles last forever. Luis De La Cruz.



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