03 Feb 2010
Juan Domínguez talked to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and gave his opinion about his situation at the first squad of Deportivo. The Galician youngster confessed that he is always nervous before the games.

Q: From the times with Corral, we weren’t seeing so many homegrown players at the first team. What are your conclusions?
A: That the youngsters can play good football and that we have sufficient level to be there, we are gradually emerging, and each day there are more.

Q: The contribution of Seoane in Seville was important. And it could be bigger after the injuries of Filipe and Angulo.
A: For me, he offered a splendid performance. He debuted in a position in which he doesn’t normally plays, the one of left side defender, and did very well. In my opinion there are enough players in Abegondo to fill the casualties.

Q: You seem every day more settled. You ask for the ball and are playing with confidence...
A: I try to be calmed and to not be nervous, because if so, it is difficult to get into the games. As I’m having more minutes I’m finding myself more comfortable and feel looser on the pitch, and hopefully can continue enjoying of more minutes.

Q: Nervous? From the outside you don’t seem nervous...
A: For my style of playing, though I am a little nervous it seems that I'm calmed. I always get nervous before the games, is something that happened to me all my life, and it already occurred to me when I went to Fabril. Eventually I'll be quiet.

Those are pre-game nerves...
A: Yes, before the game, it’s nothing preventing me to ask for the ball, is a stress you have in your body. Although I have played several games with Depor’s first team, I do not assume it as something usual.

Q: You already played as a pivote and as a playmaker. Where would you prefer to play?
A: I've been playing many years as a pivote, and I feel very comfortable, though the position of playmaker is not unknown for me, but I'm comfortable at both places.

Q: Did they ever steal the ball from you?
A: [He laughs] In Seville, in my last game for Depor, they stole the ball from me in several opportunities.

Q: And that taking in mind they protect you well...
A: That's what people say. I do it unconsciously. I do not count the balls I lose or the ones I regain. That should be valorised by those who watch the game from the outside.

Q: Is Xavi a reference for you?
A: There are many in which I fix my attention. Xavi, Iniesta, Kaka, Valerón.

Q: Who was your idol?
A: I only had two idols, Bebeto, as a child, when was younger, because I was a Depor’s fan and he was the figure, and later Valerón since I saw him playing for the first time. It became my reference.

Q: Does El Flaco give any advice to you?
A: He tells me to play quiet, he told me things for the experience he has. These are general tips, many based on what he sees in matches and in training.

Q: A luxury to have the idol as a teacher, right?
A: I'm at the team that always wanted and playing alongside my idol, so you can not ask for anything more.

Q: We saw Lotina giving you some advices. What does he say?
A: He gives me tips on how to stand in the positions.



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