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05 Feb 2010
Fifth straight victory for a Deportivo B that consolidates its position at the top of Tercera; the team dominated the actions and just suffered at the start of the second period, but was able to hold on and clinch the points. Juan Dominguez and Chirri were the best players.

Coach Tito Ramallo was searching for the fifth straight win of Deportivo B and was having the casualties of left-back Cristian Valle (suspended), and central defenders Karl and Diego Vieytes (both knee injury), but Diego Seoane and Juan Dominguez were available since the duo didn’t play against Real Madrid on Depor’s Saturday clash.

In the end the lineup was the usual 4-2-3-1; with Marcos Valín at the goal, Diego Seoane at the right-back position, Raúl Garcia on the left side and Rochela and Castillo were the centre backs. Juan Dominguez and Dani were the two pivotes; Diego Vela appeared this time at the right wing, David Añon attacked by the left; Luis Angel was the playmaker and Hugo Garcia the central attacker. 

The rival was Cultural Area, team considered as the revelation of the season at Tercera. Its coach, Serapio Lamo, has been praised by the offensive game practiced on the season, but for the game was having the important casualties of defender David Dominguez and midfielder Roberto Fonseca.  The main references in attack were Gabriel Couñago ‘Gabi’ and Diego Couso.

Good presentation of a Deportivo B that showed a solid offensive football since the first part, it suffered during the second and secured the result at the end, just when the rival was left with eight men on the pitch. Juan Dominguez commanded midfield and David Añon had the first attempt to score through a direct-free kick that was stopped by local keeper Xoan Lamigueiro ‘Xan’.

By minute 20, the visitors already have found the reward for their dominance, it was after Luis Angel scored his eighth goal on the season in a solo-play and firing an impossible shot from the corner of the box. Depor continued pushing and Diego Seoane was close to repeat the play of Luis Angel, but this time he missed the target.

And just before half-time, Ramallo’s squad replied through a lateral free-kick of captain Dani , the truth is that the goal was an error of Xan, because the keeper thought that Fabril’s player was going to attempt to send a cross and not a direct shot into the goal, it is the fifth goal on the season for Dani.
It seemed the second half was going to be a repetition of the first, but just five minutes after the pause, a big error at Depor B’s defence allowed the resurrection of Cultural Areas. Rochela passed the ball to Marcos Valín, then the keeper attempted a new pass to a partner, but instead assisted Diego Couso, who just had to push the ball in from close range.

The goal awoke the local team and Fabril started to suffer, the locals were close to tie the actions after Gabi hit the post. Before that play, Ramallo ordered the entry of Chirri for David Añon, and the modification worked out as the right winger (now playing on the left) sent the ball to the crossbar in one of his actions, later the same player provoked the expulsion of Pirri, curiously in that same play referee Aris Arribas showed a second red card to Xan, then local defender Héctor González ‘Sombri’ had to play at the goal since the three modifications were already done.

At that moment of the match, Ramallo already have noticed that the game have became into a physical battle, that’s why he sent a third midfielder, Héctor, to the pitch plus striker Joshua Corrales. The two expulsions killed all the spirit of Cultural Areas, and even the locals suffered a third sent off after Bugallo committed a tough tackle, again over the punished Chirri. In the middle of the confusion, Juan Dominguez appeared to score the final goal within the stoppage time, this after a solo-play that ended with a shot from close range that Sombri couldn’t deflect.

Depor controlled the actions and just suffered in the second part after an error from Marcos Valín. Juan Dominguez shone, also Chirri, who entered in the second half to hit the crossbar and provoke three expulsions. The result leaves Fabril at the top of the Galician group at Tercera División, always separated from second place Cerceda by two points and now by fourteen points from fifth place Ourense. On the next matchday Ramallo’s team will host last place Verín CF at Abegondo (Saturday, 17h30 CET), the club from Ourense has only won two games on the season and has only scored fifteen goals after twenty matches. Midfielder Héctor is suspended for that game after picking his fifth yellow card on the season.

Comments of Tito Ramallo: “I believe it’s a fair result, because we had more velocity compared to Cultural Areas; this fact demonstrated the differences between both teams. We were fine in the first part and in the second the rival grew up after the 1-2 and also thanks to the support from their fans, but I think we were able to hold on. It is a great result that allows us to stay in the fight.”

Cultural Areas: Xan - Bugallo, Sombri, Zolas, Brais (Estéban 75’) - Nandi (Josiño 79’), Minis, Pichi, Hugo Rodríguez - Couso (Unai 75’), Gabi.
Deportivo B: Valín - Seoane, Castillo, Rochela, Raúl – Juan Domínguez, Dani - Vela (Joshua 75’), Luis Ángel, Añon (Chirri 64’) – Hugo García (Héctor 80’).
Goals: 0-1: (19’) Luis Ángel, 0-2: (44’) Dani, 1-2: (50’) Couso, 1-3: (90+5’) Juan Domínguez
Referee: Aris Arribas. He showed yellow card to Esteban, Josiño; Rochela and Héctor. Pichi (85’), Xan (85’) and Bugallo (90’) were sent off.
Venue: A Lomba (1,300).
Other stats: Occasions to score (3 - 11), Corner-kick (2 - 4), Fouls committed (28 - 15)




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