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06 Feb 2010
Second straight Player Of the Month away for Daniel Aranzubia and now the Basque keeper leads the voting for RCDLC.com Player Of the Year award. His performances against Athletic, Mallorca and Real Madrid were the key.

Busy month for Deportivo in January as Lotina’s team played nine official matches in the period (five in liga and four in Copa Del Rey). It was also a busy month for RCDLC.com and its Player Of the Year award voting. And it’s that four different leaders have been seen in the month, while Diego Colotto, who was the leader in December, ended sixth after adding only one point in the month. To mention that of the nine games played on the month, the Peña members voted only for eight, because there were no votes for the disastrous 0-3 in Copa against Sevilla FC.

The big winner of the month was Daniel Aranzubia, the Basque keeper was the Player of December and now he is repeating the distinction thanks to his three Man Of the Match awards (MOM) claimed during January. The Peña members chose him as the best man in the confrontations against RCD Mallorca (0-2), Athletic Bilbao (3-1) and Real Madrid (1-3).

Another big winner in the month is right-back defender Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’; the ex-Fabril won his first MOM in his career as he was chose as the best man in the first leg in Copa against Valencia FC (2-1), while he also ended in second place in the voting of the returning leg (2-2).

Together with Aranzubia, the more regular players in the month were Pablo Álvarez, Juan Rodriguez and Albert Lopo, because the four of them ended within the first three places in three different voting process. Juan Rodriguez was even elected as the MOM against Osasuna (1-0).

Also to mention that Antonio Tomas and Iván Pérez claimed their first MOM’s on their careers during the month. The Cantabrian midfielder was chose, alongside Manuel Pablo, as the best man in the visit to Real Zaragoza (0-0), while the Galician winger/playmaker claimed his own MOM during the second leg in Copa against Sevilla (1-0).


Vs Zaragoza (Liga - 3/Jan/10)

1st. Manuel Pablo & A. Tomas - 5 points (27)

2nd. Lopo - 3 pts (14)

3rd. Colotto - 1 point (6)

Vs Valencia (Copa 1st Leg - 3/Jan/10)

1st. Laure - 5 points (27)

2nd. P Alvarez - 3 points (21)

3rd. Guardado - 1 point (15)

Vs Osasuna (Liga - 10/Jan/10)

1st. Juan Rodriguez - 5 points (24)

2nd. Guardado - 3 points (22)

3rd. Lopo - 1 point (4)

Vs Valencia (Copa 2nd Leg - 13/Jan/10)

1st. Filipe - 5 points (45)

2nd. Laure - 3 points (15)

3rd. Juan Rodriguez - 1 point (11)

Vs Mallorca (Liga - 17/Jan/10)

1st. Aranzubia - 5 points (20)

2nd. Pablo Alvarez - 3 points (19)

3rd. Lopo - 1 point (7)

Vs Bilbao (Liga - 23/Jan/10)

1st. Aranzubia - 5 points (27)

2nd. Adrian - 3 points (14)

3rd. Valeron - 1 point (12)

Vs Sevilla (Copa 2nd Leg - 23/Jan/10)

1st. I Perez - 5 points (12)

2nd. Manu - 3 points (11)

3rd. P Alvarez - 1 point (10)

Vs Real Madrid (Liga - 30/Jan/10)

1st. Aranzubia - 5 points (30)

2nd. Adrian - 3 points (13)

3rd. Juan Rodriguez - 1 point (6)

Daniel Aranzubia is the new leader as the Basque keeper has now an advantage of six points over second place Juan Rodriguez, who is also climbing from the fourth spot after adding five points in the month. Third place is Andrés Guardado, who just received four points in January after sustaining an injury that forced him to miss the last six matches. Side defenders Filipe and Laure are tied at the fourth place, though the Brazilian will not return until the next season.

1st. Aranzubia - 27 pts 

2nd. Juan Rodriguez - 21 pts

3rd. Guardado - 19 pts

4th. Filipe - 18 pts 

4th. Laure - 18 pts 

6th. Colotto - 17 pts 

7th. Juca - 15 pts

7th. Manuel Pablo - 15 pts

9th. Lopo - 13 pts

10th. A Tomas - 11 pts 

11th. Adrian - 10 pts 

12th. Manu - 9 pts 

13th. P Alvarez - 7 pts

14th. Valerón - 6 pts 

15th. Mista - 5 pts 

15th. I Perez - 5 pts

15th. Riki - 5 pts 

18th. Angulo - 3 pts 

19th. Lassad - 1 pt 

19th. Ze Castro - 1 pt




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