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09 Feb 2010
The major part of the comments was related to the expulsion of Pablo Alvarez, which was considered as unfair by Lotina and the players. At the same time, everybody was happy with the result due to the circumstances of the game.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was trying to explain why he was sent off in the game, “I asked, at halftime, to speak to the referee. It seems he didn’t like it. I don’t understand the expulsion, because I never insulted him. I just told him what I saw. A lot of the things I said are for his benefit and will help him in the future. I told him what I was thinking, and later he sent me off at the start of the second half.”

“The referee is passing through a bad moment (Matéu Lahoz was heavily criticised for his midweek work in the Copa game Atletico-Racing). We all are humans; surely, if he wouldn’t have faced that play on Thursday (a doubtful penalty for Atletico), today the work of referee would have been different.” The Basque man added.

And it’s that Lotina was convinced that Pablo Alvarez never deserved to be sent off in the game, “He stumbled and it wasn’t for a second yellow card. If you want to cheat is one thing, but Pablo never wanted to do that. In the first half, when we had eleven men against eleven men, we were fine. But with the expulsion Malaga dominated though without having a clear chance. At halftime we talked of having order and tried to seize the counterattacks with Riki, who had that crossed shot. It wasn’t possible and the draw is fair.”

Midfielder Juan Rodríguez said that the players are feeling satisfied with the final result, “You notice a lot when you are playing with ten players. It was a suffered match for us, but we are content with the draw. If you can’t win having one less man, then to add a point is something good.”

Defender Albert Lopo was also feeling satisfied with the point added at La Rosaleda, “We held the result with one less man, this despite they put the entire arsenal on the pitch. It was a hard worked point, something similar to the result achieved at Getafe, place were the team clinched the victory. This demonstrates that we are plugged and willing to continue.”

Meanwhile, Pablo Alvarez was explaining what happened in the plays in which he saw both yellow cards, “In the first, I am at the barrier and the ball hit me in the elbow, I didn’t want to touch it. The hand was tied to the body. The second was for falling inside the opposite area, but the ball arrived to me, I made the play and just when I was preparing to shot, a defender fouled my from behind.”

“He is human and can commit a mistake. For me it was penalty, but it was a quick play. This time the referee got confused, I hope it won’t be the same the next time. I just fell hurt for been missing the next game. The team deserves ten points for been defending with ten men, which is very difficult; we held our positions and never gave options to Malaga. “ The Shark added. 

Riki, who already have a couple of incidents with the referees, was criticizing the work of Matéu Lahoz, “I don’t like to talk of the referees, but all the cards were against Deportivo until the end of the first half, moment when they saw the first one, and you should realise that they were committing hard tackles.”

Central defender Diego Colotto was also giving his opinion about the red card saw by Pablo Alvarez, “When a player fells down in the area not everything is black and white, it wasn’t penalty but neither deserved a card. You also have gray situations. Football is a contact sport and sometimes there isn’t a simulation of the striker and neither a foul from the defender.”

Rodolfo Bodipo was emphasising the defensive solidity shown by Deportivo, “The team worked hard for the draw. We were playing with ten men for almost an hour and never was surpassed by Malaga, because we were well organized. It was a suffered point and it was possible because we were fine in a defensive sense.”

Finally, Aranzubia was preferring to maintain silence about the referees, “I surely don’t want to talk f the referees. I don’t want to talk of this issue. They commit mistakes, sometimes in favour, other against you. You just need to leave them alone.”

At Malaga, coach Juan Ramón López Muñiz wasn’t surprised for the final result, “We were facing a tough team, one that capitalizes its goals.  They feel comfortable playing zero-zero. It is a team that you have to defeat playing smartly, making a mature game. We knew how to have the weight of the game and we had the ball possession, but it’s difficult to find the cracks when eight people are defending, with a lot of aids. They closed the spaces and the lines were obstructed. Depor is a good team."

He also said that the referee made a good work in the game, “The referee always used the same criterion. In the second part, a player of our team –Caicedo- fell down and he also booked the player. We can’t complain if he uses the same criterion. He allowed to play and made a good work.”




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