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13 Feb 2010
It’s well known that Deportivo is the fifth best defence in la liga, but a curious stat is that Lotina’s team is also the side that has suffered more shots on target. For the coach is just a consequence of the style of playing of Deportivo.

Depor has been praised by its solid defence, and it’s that the Galicians have achieved eleven clean sheets on the season and have only allowed twenty-two goals after twenty-one matchdays. With these numbers, Lotina’s team is third in terms of more clean sheets on the season and fifth in terms of lesser goals allowed on the liga campaign.

But a revealing statistics is that, at the same time, Depor is the Primera team that has suffered more attempts to shot (330, average of 16 per match). While the best defensive lines in la liga, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Sevilla, are among the teams with lesser shots against, Depor is the side that has suffered more attacks. For that reason Dani Aranzubia is the keeper with more saves in the division (81), two more than Athletic’s Iraizoz and even a better mark than Real Madrid’ s Iker Casillas (75) and Barcelona’s Víctor Valdés (47).

Lotina is aware of this strange behaviour and already has a theory about it, as he told to newspaper La Voz de Galicia, “Not only that we are the ones with more shots against, also that we allow a lot of crosses to the area, and that’s changeable. We are trying to work in order to improve and we already talked to the players. All of this caused by our style of playing, we play with a lot of aids at the sides and not everything can be stopped at the centre. “

“Since we try to cover all the positions, we miss to cover the crosses, so that’s why we allow a lot of shots. But we neither have to be alarmed, because a lot of those attempts are long-range shots or a last resource attempt and they miss the target.” He added. And the numbers confirm his theory, because Depor is the second team in la liga that receives more long-range attempts (124, 5.9 per game).   

And for Lotina the solution to avoid further problems is simple, “We need to be more aggressive when we are blocking the centre of the defence. As we are having a lot of aids, we can risk a little more trying to avoid the rivals to pass us and also to cover the crosses.”

On Friday Aranzubia was asked about his role of “keeper with more saves at Primera”, he interpreted the stat as a negative thing for Depor, “That means that the rivals are shooting on target against us, but as I said, we defend well and a lot of the shots are made from a complicate position. We defend well, but aren’t avoiding the shots, but a lot of times the rivals do it in a complicate situation and that’s why we are just allowing a few goals.” 

“Perhaps we are delaying the defensive line and that allows to see the rival shooting from long-distance and sometimes the attempts are clear, but in others don’t. If we only look at the stats, it gives the impression that we are the worst team in a defensive sense, but it isn’t like this, actually it is the opposite. We are fine in defence and we work hard, we do all things right.“ The Basque keeper added.



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