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13 Feb 2010
During the week there were a lot of comments after it was speculated that Juan Rodriguez was near to be sold ahead of the summer window, but the player and his agent have come out to refuse all the rumours.

The media in La Coruña commented during the week that several clubs already noticed the work of Depor’s midfielder Juan Rodriguez (he will 28 in April 1), who is ending contract in June of 2011. The reports were informing that Deportivo could have already started to negotiate a transfer during the upcoming winter window.

And Lotina raised the rumours as on Wednesday he told to reporters that he had a conversation with the midfielder in order to avoid distractions, “Maybe it wasn’t necessary, but I talked to him in order to tell him that, if he needs to go farthest, there is a way and that way is very clear.  He should not commit a mistake, nothing more.” The coach said.

But on Thursday the same Juan Rodriguez refused any negotiation for a transfer, and actually told to reporters that he was only analysing some tactical aspects during his conversation with the coach, “I am getting notice of these rumours for what you are telling me. The coach and I were talking of the tactical dispositions on the pitch, nothing more. He does the same with everybody else and yesterday it was my turn. We haven’t talked of a possible transfer, and I am just getting notice of this until now.”

Later it was his agent, Manuel García Quilón, who refused any negotiation with other clubs, “The market isn’t moving right now. Any rumours coming out are lacking sense. Right now nobody has asked for the current state of Juan Rodriguez. Right now the clubs are thinking of other things, if they are going to be saved or if they are going to match their goals. And Juan has his head in the team.” He said.



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