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16 Feb 2010
Lotina is concern after the poor presentation of his team; he thinks that the team is losing the level shown in past matches, but the players believe there is no reason to panic and that the best thing is to not lose the clam.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was extremely worried with what he saw on the pitch, "We don't have a chance to play the UEFA if we continue playing like this. I'm quite concerned; we have made an huge step backwards, because if things don't change, the second round will be very long for us. I didn't like it. In the first round we were a team with clear ideas and were doing fine the simpler things. Right now we do all things wrong. We commit all kind of errors and are giving facilities to the rival."

“It is the day in which I am more worried, not by the defeat, which is something that it could happen, but for the things I saw. We must start to recharge our batteries, starting with the coaches. Any rival could have defeated us. We have stopped of doing some things that we did pretty well in the past, maybe because we started to believe that we already were fifth of fourth in la liga. Today we didn’t match the level that we must demand from this squad.” He added.

Later the Basque manager commented what he saw in the game, “Well, in the first half we were feeling comfortable, sort or less, and were having an idea of how to move the ball, though without depth. Espanyol was, it is truth, also feeling comfortable and scored a goal that unbalanced our team. We tried to correct some aspects during the break, but later the expulsion came, and although we tried to correct the team the second goal came. Espanyol deserved to win, especially for the facilities that we gave. Today, in order to win a game at Primera, you need to do more things.”

Antonio Tomás, who was sent off in the second part, was trying to explain the play of his expulsion, “I was with Chica and accidentally I hit him in the face. Then he acted and threw himself to the ground. I don’t think it was an aggression, it was a fortuitous action. With one less player on the pitch things are more difficult. Besides, the goal of Callejón put the game very difficult to us. Now we must add the three points against Xérez.”

Rodolfo Bodipo had a clear chance to score when the score was 0-2, he commented the play to reporters, “The ball was a little behind me and the truth is that I was more worried of watching the ball than watching where the goalkeeper was. My idea was to chip the ball, because I know that Kameni is good throwing himself to the ground, but I couldn’t do it.” Later he commented the expulsion of Antonio Tomás, “I don’t know why the referee sent him off, Antonio is incapable of elbowing anyone!”

Now Depor has only added one point in the last three matches, but for Andrés Guardado there is no reason to panic, “Man, to return to play is something to be happy. To have minutes is always something to feel motivated since I can bring things to the team, though I would have loved to return with another result. We must correct errors in order to fight for the European places. We missed a lot of things today, but neither can we start to think that we are now the worst team in la liga.”

Similar were the thoughts of midfielder Juan Rodriguez, “Neither is to be dramatic, we spent the last three matchdays without achieving the victory, but this could happen to anyone in this league. Today we only played one game and I think is not enough to feel worried or to dramatize. Surely, if we defeat Xérez on Saturday, everybody will start to talk of Europe again.”

It was the same line that Daniel Aranzubia was following, as he said after the game, “I won’t start to make calculations right now. I believe that you need to be worried when you don’t win and don’t play well, but we still have everything at the reach of our hands.”

At Espanyol, coach Mauricio Pochettino didn’t want to be too optimistic after this important triumph, “I think we should stay calm. We won, but we have a long journey and we should be more regular from this point to the end of the season, that's the goal. We should not start to feel victorious; we just must stay aware that we can make good games. We didn’t spend the suffering of other games and we now have an unfinished job: we need to improve some things and have more luck, but I think the results will come.”




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