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17 Feb 2010
On the previous weeks it was said that coach Lotina could be leaving at the end of the season, some journalists even took the situation as granted, but now things may change, because a new report suggest that the coach could be close to renew.

The report was presented by Sportpaper AS on Tuesday and was signed by Luis De La Cruz, the journalist informs that within the last two weeks president Augusto César Lendoiro and coach Miguel Angel Lotina have maintained a series of meetings and that these reunions might be changing the course of the situation.

Lotina ends his contract in June of the present year; in the negotiation of the current deal (that was sealed in April of 2009) both parties already agreed the economical terms for a new contract lasting until June of 2011, therefore the rumours that appeared on the past month appointing to the exit of the coach are not related to the money, but to the composition of the squad ahead of next season.

According to Luis De La Cruz, the change of mind by Lotina is related to two powerful facts: the promise of Lendoiro that the base of the squad won’t be touched for next season, and the possibility to play once again in Europe for the 2010/11 campaign. The new agreement could also involve more powers to Lotina at the moment of taking the sporting decisions at the club, which could also be another factor that explains the continuity of the ex-Celta coach.

On Tuesday the coach was asked about the state of the negotiations, and he answered that, “I never saw myself out of Depor. You already know how I feel here. The only new thing is what you already know, which is what it is, because my family feels well on here, that my wife is enchanted in Logroño and that my sons are very happy to see me training Depor, because it is a big club.”

However, the renewal is not signed yet and there’s the danger that other club might appear. Sevilla FC, Atletico Madrid, Villarreal and Valencia FC could be tempting choices for the Basque manager and on the past week it was rumoured that Sevilla already contacted Depor’s coach. Another club interested was Athletic Bilbao, but the Basques already reached an agreement to renew Joaquín Caparrós, while Lotina is not thinking in the Premier League, at least in the short term.



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