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18 Feb 2010
Lotina released the news on Tuesday and later the same player confirmed it; Lassad could be returning from France on the next week and might be reappearing at the start of March.

Little by little, Deportivo is regaining all its injured players, Riki and are already playing and Saturday’s game against Xérez might mark the comeback of Mista. And the next name in the list of returns is striker Lassad Nouioui. Since the start of the month the Tunisian is working in a special training camp in France trying to solve once and for all of his endless muscular problems.

On Tuesday coach Lotina confirmed that he received good news from the striker, “I spoke to him on Friday and was really content. He is working in a double shift and today was starting to train on the pitch. I will talk to him on Friday and will decide if he should return next Wednesday or if I will leave him there for the full week. He said that he is already recovered, if he is fine he should be ready to play. Lassad will be good for us, because when he is fit to play, he can add quality to the team.”

A few hours later the same Lassad had a phone conversation with a journalist from newspaper La Voz de Galicia and he confirmed his good sensations from his recovery process, “I am fine, I am training a lot in order to return soon.” He said.

Lassad’s endless problems with the muscular injuries are related to his short muscles on both thighs, which convert the striker into an easy target for the hamstring problems, something common in this sport due to the exigencies on a football pitch. Supposedly, the player needs a special routine in order to strengthen those muscles, but so far the plan implemented by the club’s doctors never brought good results.

But the initial plan seemed to be working at the start of the season as Lassad played in nine of the first fourteen matchdays, six of them playing as a starter, though only once the attacker completed the full ninety minutes. Then, on November 29, Lassad was replaced at minute 37 of the match against Racing Santander, he was feeling pan on his left thigh, the scans determined that he had a tear in the hamstring muscle, since then the striker hasn’t played.

Desperate to find a solution, the Tunisian and his agent, Christian Bibou, visited a special rehabilitation clinic in France called 8 Saint Rápale, 30 kilometers outside of Marseille, there he met doctor Michel Gaillaud, who was the former doctors of AS Monaco. Bibou explained to La Voz de Galicia what they found there, “They told us that if he was training with them for three weeks, then they would guarantee to see him playing twenty more games without any muscular injury, and the player was mad to play again. There, they have a special machine that can strengthen the legs of Lassad.”

Lassad will complete his third week of training in France during the next week, and as Lotina said the attacker might be returning on Wednesday, though it’s also possible that he will return until the end of the next week. It seems improbable that he will be fit to play for the last game of the month, the visit to Villarreal, but he should be ready to take part of the first match in March, which is the home game against Tenerife.



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