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21 Mar 2006
Of the 38 goals scored so far on the season only 16 were conquered by the strikers of Deportivo. In other words, only 46% of the goals were scored by Depor's forwards. A number that confirms the lack of effectiveness in the striking zone. A situation that Caparr??s must change if he wants to be in Europe for the next season.

Diego Trist??n (10), Rub?©n Castro (3), Arizmendi (1), Taborda (1) and Xisco (1) are the responsible for this goals. Meanwhile, eight goals have been achieved by the defenders -Juanma (4), Capdevila (3) and Andrade (1) -  Eleven were conquered by the midfielders -Valer??n (4), Sergio (2), V?­ctor (2), Munitis (2) and De Guzm??n (1) - while three were own-goals scored by the rivals.

With his goal in the Alfonso P?©rez coliseum, Xisco joined the list of scorers on this season, and he already is the statistic leader of the strikers. But it isn't for the quantity of goals conquered so far, it's for the minutes that he needed in order to score a goal. Diego Trist??n who is the leader in the list of scorers (10), has participated in all the liga games of the season with the exception of the last match with Getafe, in this form the Sevillan striker has an average of one goal scored each 179 minutes. That means one goal almost each two matches.

Meanwhile, Xisco has only needed 93 minutes in order to score one goal, the lowest number between the strikers of Deportivo. One curiosity is that the Mallorca-born forward is the only Fabril's player used by Caparr??s that didn't have the opportunity to perform as starter on the current campaign, the rest -Iago, Iv??n Carril and Senel- already had that chance.

Another striker that hasn't enjoyed a chance in the starting lineup is Sebasti??n Taborda, he has been out of the squad on the present year, he scored against Racing Santander and has a similar average than Trist??n: one goal each 196 minutes. A very poor statistic taking in mind that Depor paid €2.9 for the 70% of his rights in June.

R??ben Castro presents also a poor statistic, he has scored three goals in nineteen games played so far with an average of one goal each 302 minutes. The worst case is Javier Arizmendi, the Madrilian striker arrived in December in order to improve the scoring numbers of Depor, but for the moment the solution isn't working out.  He has only scored one goal in eleven matches with an average of one conquer each 615 minutes.

Curiously Juanma has a better record than Arizmendi. The Andalucian defender has scored four goals in twenty matches with an average of one goal each 424 minutes. A situation that will cost to Arizmendi the place in the starting lineup that will face M??laga today. The only striker used by Caparr??s so far and that doesn't have goals in his count is Senel. The Fabril's youngster has played only 75 minutes in 3 matches including the first half against Valencia at the Riazor.

In resume, the strikers of Deportivo have scored 16 goals so far during 3,679 minutes in la liga, in average terms they need 230 minutes  in order to score a goal, that means one goal every 2.5 matches. A very poor statistic that Caparr??s has to solve if he wants to direct Deportivo in Europe during the centenario season.

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