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22 Feb 2010
Nobody was content after the game; the Galician media was quite unhappy with the performance of the team and started to question if Depor deserves to fight for Europe, while the Andalusian papers described the game as the worst of Xérez on the season.

AS: Any team that gives away two goals is facing a very difficult situation to win a match. A team that does it within the first seven minutes of the game is facing an almost impossible situation to continue at Primera. That's what Xérez did in yesterday’s game at the Riazor, and of course, it paid the price. But Depor, side that met again the victory after three matchdays, must also consider whether if with yesterday’s performance it has real chances to fight for Europe. The standings say yes, same response gave by the points had until now, but the problems caused by a nearly hopeless team that blows itself in the blink of an eye, is something to meditate. Luis de la Cruz

La Opinión A Coruña: Marred Celebration; a victory against Xérez stretched the account of points to 38, slowed since the beginning of the second round because of a draw and two defeats. But the joy recovered by the Galician team failed to illuminate the image of Miguel Angel Lotina’s team, who had asked for conviction and intensity to his men as additional elements for the victory. Depor suffered as nobody was expecting before an innocent but propping last-place as Depor lacked the performance and productivity. Uncomfortable is the suffering, because the Galician team was lucky enough to draw the victory in the first six minutes, it leaked one goal before halftime and caused more than a justified reproach from its fans.

So suddenly, the game could not start in a best way for Deportivo. Minute and a half of game: penalty for the locals, very clear, Moreno grabs Colotto at the far post after a free-kick. Goal, scored by Guardado from the penalty spot, the second on this year. Minute 6: Leandro swallow a long pass and leaves an open highway for Riki, who calmly faced into the goal from the left without any other defender approaching him, then he cheated Renan with the body and beats him with a strong shot.

Everything very easy. Neither Deportivo was expecting this, somehow conspired to bury their collective shortcomings since the start of the second round, to find in the twinkling of a rooster with an invitation so easy to manage such a lead before a soft adversary. Because Xérez continued to demonstrate, beyond its frivolous defenders, that the First Division is too big for them. Maybe that's why Depor got contagious of the weakness of its opponent and, although more intense in the way of tightening the contrary or tuck without hesitation the way to the goal, with an extra energy on the left wing thanks to the reappearance of Guardado and Riki, soon fell prey of the lethargy state in which the game was until the rest.

After another dive of Riki in the area, which included a yellow card for the striker, the game moved on a long and lazy thick phase of yawns at the stands, with all kind of inaccuracies on the field. Bermejo gave a spark to the contest with the 2-1, all thanks to the defensive weakness of Deportivo, whose defenders looked almost static against the header from the striker. The goal of the Andalusians aroused the uneasiness in the fans, because they begun to whistle the stupid mistakes of their team in simple passes at the wide area or with the exit of the ball.

The second half progressed with lashes. There were times when the game seemed from the schoolyard, other phases were loaded with more dizzying twists and turns decorated with scoring opportunities, more clear the one of  Deportivo with a shot of Juan Rodriguez that had an strange effect that was repelled by the crossbar or a long play in which neither Juca nor Valerón could finish. The apparent tranquility with which Aranzubia watched the game was actually provoked by his own colleagues, a nervous Manuel Pablo, an angry Lopo, a Juca out of focus, an inoperative Bodipo. Xérez approached to the area without poison, although it was having the ball at midfield, Depor don’t.

Riki and Guardado lost its medicinal effect after the first quarter of an hour. Riki grabbed his thigh again, and requested the change. Guardado, more unnoticed in this stage of the game, left the field soon after, perhaps because Lotina didn’t want to risk his fitness. Those left on the pitch did not give the team more than a gray image. Rubén Darío Rodríguez.

La Voz de Galicia: From the scheme with two strikers to the first assist of Laure with the left leg. Two blunders of Xérez settled the match in which Depor should have shown signs of life and demonstrate that its pitiful defeat against Espanyol should be remembered as a bad day at the office. But it was only partially. The more offensive lineup of the season, with two attackers since the start, scored two goals in six minutes and announced a bath that was later resigned. The defense stepped back and from its hand the performance of the team again missed the football that its coach demands. Therefore, the doubts persist and the fans, nervous about a game that they thought was settled, ended with a sigh of relief thanks to the narrow victory.

And that taking in mind that Depor was looking phenomenal in the first ten minutes. Xérez was even unable to step on the rival’s field, and was already losing with a two-goal difference and showed all the symptoms of the virtual relegated team. With Riki flying and almost at ease to beat the opposing defense, it was time for Laure, who never stops growing on the left. He collected the ball on the side and, despite being right-footed, was well oriented as any left-footed player should be. He saw the run from the Madrilenian and, although the pass was a little slow, perhaps that’s why the ball surprised Xérez’s side defender. The point is that the ball reached its destination, the race of Riki to the goal. It was the first assist of Laure since he switched to the left. A reward for the effort of a player capable of sacrificing and give what Depor needs at every moment.

Bermejo's goal, an improper error of Deportivo’s defense, capable of keeping a clean sheet in a dozen league games, opened a new game, one in which Depor disappointed. Lotina had warned of a duel without truce, a meeting in which he knew what type of opponent he would face, and he was right. In the second part Xérez had the initiative without complexes. More plugged into the game, more anxious for the points, the visitors took possession of the ball and forced the Galicians to think. But nobody gave the pause, not even the revolutionized Guardado, and until Valerón came out, when the game approached its final stretch, the Galicians didn’t feel victorious. P. J. B.

Diario de Jerez: A Xérez in carnaval. All credit given to Gorosito’s Xérez in recent matches disappeared in a stroke of a pen after yesterday’s game at the Riazor, in what could was one of the worst games on this season. The Blue team retuned to be that soulless side that recently swarmed over the fields of Primera División. Not even its extreme ball possession, perhaps the highest of the year, or the fifty percent of effectiveness (two shots on target, one goal) helped to get something from La Coruña.

And is that what happened yesterday was a freighting scene. Xérez regained its fearfulness, lowered its arms almost from the start and lost all those virtues displayed since the arrival of Pipo to the bench, i.e. the pressure, the verticality and the desire to progress. If you want to find excuses to say that in front there was a solemn bad referee, a referee who swept home and shamelessly punished the last-place. Possibly, the penalty at the start was a brazen, but the team had 89 minutes to fix the mess and did not do it. Moreover, Xérez killed itself with a second goal that is not seen even at the amateur league in Andalusia.

It’s hard to believe that a professional team goes out to the pitch with so little blood. As has been happening to Xérez in recent matches, Gorosito’s men went out thinking of the spiders, looking how pretty Riazor is or I do not know what, but the fact is that when they came to realize that the game had already started, they already had leaked two goals. Deportivo La Coruña just made a small effort to, in just six minutes, take a lead of two goals; seeing to believe. Fran Pereira



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