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22 Feb 2010
Lotina and the players understand that the team had a grey performance, but admit that the important thing was to clinch the three points. Doctor Barral also said that Riki will not return in the short term after suffering a new injury.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was satisfied with the final result, but not with the performance of his team, "Things were easy at the beginning, it seemed we could have scored more goals, but then we started to play backwards. We had some problems with the changes and never felt comfortable. We don’t have any anxiety at Primera División, we aren’t forced to enter into European competitions and neither are fighting for relegation, and neither we are capable of displaying a good football and that's unforgivable. If we can’t play well now is to kill ourselves."

At least the Basque manager believes that the players had the right attitude, “I am content with the attitude of the players. We were forced to win and it wasn’t easy to face this game. We needed to take the three points and it wasn’t easy taking in mind that we were coming after a defeat against Espanyol. Now we must seize this placidity to try to improve our game.”

What was worrying Lotina the most is the injury of Riki, “I do not understand Riki’s injury. With his adductor injury we have been going forward and backwards for two months. First he recovers and then falls again. I don’t understand. I'm very worried. He is a very important player and is not normal. We'll have to see if he has any problem in the mouth, I don’t know, it is not normal, he is a player who gives us many positive things."

About this case, doctor Ramón Barral said that new scans will be made to Riki on this week, but already warned that “He won’t return in the short term”, which means that he  is already discarded for Sunday’s game against Villarreal. About the case of Guardado, Depor’s doctor recognized that “He was kicked by a rival and left with a muscular problem, that’s why he asked the change.” New scans will also be made to the Mexican during the week.

Meanwhile, Juan Rodríguez was admitting that Deportivo suffered in order to add the three points, “It was a suffered victory, their goal made us suffer until the end. The team tried to defend in order to carry out with the game.” 

Iván Pérez, who replaced Riki and completed a good second half, was also admitting the difficulties against the Andalusian rival, “We played with fire, but the important thing is the result. The good thing is that we are hopeful about recovering the dynamic of the start of season.”

Andrés Guardado, who scored the first goal, confirmed that he asked for the change because he was feeling pain since the first half, later the Mexican said that Depor was lucky to achieve the three points, “Any other rival would have complicated more the things.”

Pablo Álvarez was asking for patience to the fans, “We must be quiet in this situation. We are fine and have a lot of points. Evidently we aren’t playing well, but the results are good. We are going to improve and play much better. We have to improve because our past results were good, it is a good situation and we even have been criticised. A lot still ahead, we know that we have football in the inside and we need to take it out.”

About the European goal of Depor, “The Shark” said that “I believe that all the teams depend of their home games and we aren’t the exception, what we can achieve at home will give us the options to fight for Europe. Outside home the games are more difficult though we will have some options. A lot still ahead and some matches will be pretty for the European goal.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro said that “We always like to win with a convincing performance, however we deserved the victory.” Asked about the demand of Mallorca for Luque the president said that “Other clubs owes money to us and we don’t end crying like this.” Finally, he sent a message of tranquility for the upcoming summer market, “We reject important offers because we don’t need them, we will surpass this situation.”

At Xérez, Néstor Gorosito was unhappy with the performance of his team, “We had the ball possession almost the entire game, but never created scoring opportunities, therefore this is a step backwards compared to the previous two games, and is difficult to do something with that kind of penalty at minute 1, it was a crazy penalty, that’s why I was sent off.”




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