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24 Feb 2010
Midfielder Juan Rodríguez isn’t know for been an offensive player and neither someone who frequently tries to score from every angle, that’s why is so strange to see his name at the second position of the department of more shots to the posts.

On the past Saturday’s game against Xérez CD Juan Rodriguez hit the post for the fifth time on this season, only David Villa at Valencia has a bigger number (6). To realise that El Guaje is leading the list should be considered as a normal thing, because he is the second player in la liga in terms of shots (89, Ronaldo is the leader with 90) and the leader in terms of shots on target (47, tied with Messi).

But the strange thing is that Juan Rodriguez is not even close to these numbers, because the  Andalusian has only made ten shots on target, two of them were goals and other five ended at the posts. In a collective sense, Atletico Madrid is the team with more shots to the posts on the liga season (11), Malaga and Valencia are second in the list (10), while Depor is tenth in this department with eight shots to the posts, and five of them made by Juan Rodriguez (the other three were for Riki (2) and Valerón).

The “adventures” of Juan Rodriguez with the posts started at matchday 08, at the time Depor was visiting Valladolid and the ex-Malaga hit the post from close range after collecting a pass from Filipe. One week later he repeated the combination with Filipe to hit the post for the second time (Sporting Gijón).

 The other three attempts of the midfielder took place on this year, starting with the header after a corner of Iván Pérez in the game against Osasuna (matchday 17). Then the fourth attempt ending at the post came in Copa Del Rey; it was during the 0-3 defeat against Sevilla as the Andalusian player headed a cross coming from Filipe. And the last one was against Xérez with an effort from long-distance.

On Monday the midfielder talked to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and analysed his “romance” with the posts, “It is anecdotal to see me carrying with five posts on this year and hopefully the next one, if it has to hit the post, will go inside the goal and not outside. I have the bad luck that instead of having three goals at this point I could have more.”



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