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28 Feb 2010
Depor’s coach announced a little surprise in the lineup, while he also confirmed that his renewal is close to happen. Meanwhile, Villarreal’s coach was trying to raise the spirit of a team coming after two historical defeats.

Juan Carlos Garrido Fernández is a Valencian coach that has been linked with Villarreal since the year 2002; he started his career coaching the club from his hometown, El Puig CF (1992-98), then he moved to CD Onda for the 1998/99 campaign. He moved to Villarreal in the year 2002 in order to replace Juan Carlos Oliva at the B squad, he had good results and was able to keep the team at Tercera División.

After a small pause, he returned in 2004 and just four years later Villarreal B was clinching the Promotion to Segunda. On the current season his team was doing a great job, living at mid-table and showing the needed maturity that’s necessary to clinch the permanence. Then Ernesto Valverde was fired at the end of January and the name of Garrido came out as the main alternative to replace him. He was hired on February 1 and the game against Depor just represents his third match as a Primera coach. Of course this is his first meeting against Miguel Angel Lotina; to mention that this is the liga match number 100 for Lotina at Depor.

Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Saturday; he started explaining the injury problems at his squad, “We have now the injury of Juca, who was having problems during the week. Yesterday he wasn’t at the top and made a strong training, today was the same, but since the pitch was too soft, he noticed more problems and fell down again. Let’s hope it’s a small problem and that he will join us in the coming week.”

 “The casualty of Zé Castro isn’t for accident; there are only a few accidents in life. He has problems with his nerves, the stress, it is affecting his stomach.  Since the past week he was looking at his stomach and on this one the problems were bigger. Against the stress every person reacts in a different way, it is a problems had by many people and we need to accept it.” He said.

Later, the Basque manager explained why Mista is out of the game, “I didn’t see him in the same conditions compared with the game at Getafe, and since he wasn’t picked, I decided to call Añon.” Asked about the lineup that he will present taking in mind the casualties, Depor’s coach just that he was preparing “a little surprise in the lineup.” He even dared to offer a dinner to anyone capable of guessing the starting eleven that he will present at El Madrigal.

“We are going in order to pick the three points against a Villarreal that isn’t living a good moment, but we must have in mind that they have potential and that a victory will be an important step for us. We must try to be ourselves, to try to play better and show the characteristics that we already had.” He added.

Another of the questions was related to his renewal, the answer was, “Just a few things are still missing for the final photo, the renewal is really close to be signed and it will be for one more year. We won’t have any special clause and evidently the squad won’t lose potential.”

Finally, Lotina announced changes in the way in which the club makes the signings, “The names will be suggested by the sporting director, the president and also by us (Ribera and Lotina). We are going to travel a little more. You can notice that Ribera isn’t here right now. He has traveled. What we want to do is to be more close to the president in the negotiations, but I am not a sporting director and don’t want to be like that.”

Villarreal’s coach gave press conference on Saturday; he was trying to raise the morale of his team after the recent defeats, “It is time of the facts, of the reaction, of showing our potential and our pride; we need to demonstrate that we have learned from our own mistakes though we played against big teams like Real Madrid and Wolfsburg. The fifteen games remaining in the calendar represent the opportunity to be in Europe for the coming season. “

“That’s why all the remaining games are extremely important. We are going to play against tough rivals and Deportivo is one of them, because they occupy the fifth spot in the table, and that’s exactly the position that we want to occupy. That’s why we can say that they are a direct rival. “ He added.

The Valencian coach assured that Depor is a complicate rival and despite its scoring problems he was warning about its potential in attack, “I always say that the teams at Primera División have a similar pattern, with very good strikers that can complicate any game, and Deportivo fulfills these conditions.”

 “They have very dangerous players up front and besides, their block at defense is really solid, that’s why we can expect a very demanding and intense game. We can’t allow any mistake, neither in attack nor in defence, but the only thing I know is that we are going out for everything.”  e



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