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02 Mar 2010
Lotina was content with the performance of the team, this no matter the poor offensive game displayed on the pitch. At Villarreal, the coach and the players are starting to believe in their European chances.

Despite the poor performance of the team, coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was saying that he was content with the job done by his players, "We had a clear occasion with Bodipo and we missed it. That was the reason why we didn't add a point on here. Despite the casualties we were fine and a made a nice game, we deserved more."

“In the second half, Villarreal was pretty tired after playing on Thursday and they gave the ball to us. In that sense, we played well and I am satisfied, though I believe that we could have added points taking in mind how Villarreal was coming to this game.” He added.

However, the Basque coach criticised the way in which Depor defended the play in which Villarreal scored its lonely goal, “They were wiser than us in the goal, they surprised us. They threw the free-kick three meters from where the foul was. We were too much confident and missed more experience. If that happens to you in a throw-in… but in a vertical foul is determinant. We, in the other hand, had a throw-in in the stoppage time and Villarreal took advantage to avoid the danger. That is something that we missed.”

Finally, Lotina wanted to remember the fact that his team faced the game with multiple casualties, while he emphasised the work of the youngsters, “In that sense I am pretty content of how we played against a good team, just when we were facing the meeting with nine casualties. Fro example, Juan Domínguez made a great game; throughout the game he constantly created problems to them.”

Keeper Daniel Aranzubia was sharing the opinion of his coach, “We played well. They had opportunities after the goal and at the beginning of the second half. We controlled the game but didn’t have clear chances; I just remember the one of Bodipo. In that sense, the goal was determinant. We aren’t obsessed with any position and just think of continuing there. Yesterday we had several casualties and it was noticed. Now we can only think of been strong enough at the Riazor.”

David Añon debuted at Primera División and was expressing his feelings about it, “In a personal level it is a dream to me. As a Galician, to play at Depor, it’s the highest thing. Since I was a kid I was going to the Riazor with my father, and now I perform alongside the players that I saw in the Champions League, like Manuel Pablo or Valerón.”

The winger, who will be 21 in one month, also said that he admires Capdevila, exactly to whom he committed foul that cost him a yellow card –for pulling his shirt-, “At that moment, I didn’t know to whom I was committing the foul, later I saw that it was Capdevila  and told him: holly..”

Who suffered the most in the game was Pablo Álvarez, he was replaced as he was bleeding from the head after a collision with Ángel, “I am in pain due to a problem in the eyebrow, but it’s something without importance. I had a bad taste in the moth for leaving like this, especially since I was feeling fine on the pitch. But it’s that they weren’t able to put me the bandage, because I couldn’t see anything. But it’s nothing, I’m sure that I will train on Tuesday.”

The winger was also sad due to the final result, “I was quite happy for returning to play, but the important thing is the result and we lost. It’s clear that they are a great team. We wanted to extract something important from Villarreal and we didn’t do it.”

At Villarreal, coach Garrido was pointing to this match as the one for the recovery in liga, “I believe that we deserved to win. We fought for the second goal, but it wasn’t possible, so we have to emphasise the importance of the victory, which is giving us strength and confidence. I believe this is the road to follow. Besides, we practiced good football and this result will allow us to keep believing in ourselves.”   

Defender Ángel was starting to believe in the European chances of the Yellow Submarine, “In the first part of the tournament we made 26 points, and in the second we must improve in order to reach the UEFA zone. The important thing is to have a positive streak that will allow the team to keep going up.”

Similar was the speech of keeper Diego López, “The most important thing was to win against Deportivo, but if we did it achieving a clean sheet, the better. These are negative streaks that you found in football and this time we suffered. The best thing is that we witnessed a change in our image against Deportivo. It was a fundamental game, because if we hadn’t won, then the chances to play in Europe would have gone. The team has found the formula, and now we must follow the line.”




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