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03 Mar 2010
The battle between Deportivo and Zaragoza for Angel Lafita is living its last chapters. On Monday the judge heard the arguments of both sides and the player traveled to La Coruña, though he didn’t have to testify in court.

The endless battle between Deportivo La Coruña and Real Zaragoza for winger Angel Lafita is living its last days as on Monday the case was heard by a judge. Both parties, represented by their lawyers, expressed their point points of views about the €25 million demand presented by the Galician club against the player and Zaragoza. Depor argues that Lafita and Zaragoza must pay the buyout clause stipulated in the contract signed between the player and the Galician club, because he signed a contract with Los Maños before ending the previous deal with the Galicians.

The defence of Zaragoza and Lafita argues that they only fulfilled what was already stipulated in the loan contract signed between Depor and Zaragoza in 2007. Besides they argued that the buyout clause is “abusive”, because the player, who earned €450,000 for the season 2007/08 and €600,000 in the season 2008/09, will have to work 42 years to pay that clause. Depor responded that the arguments of Zaragoza are poor, because the player has similar buyout clause at that club (€20 million).

The key in this case is the interpretation of the dates, because Zaragoza argues that the previous contract of Lafita with Deportivo was annulled at the exact moment in which Zaragoza sent an official communication, a fax, expressing its intentions of fulfilling the buyout clause stipulated in the loan contract signed in 2007, but Deportivo argues that this would only happened at the moment of making the first payment, something that didn’t happen until some months before.

Zaragoza is also reclaiming €66,611 as damages since they spent the first three matchdays in liga without been able to use the player due to the demand presented by Depor to la liga and other instances. The trial lasted two hours and Lafita was there, but didn’t have to testify in court, because Depor’s lawyer said that it wasn’t necessary. Now the judge will study the case and will dictate a sentence in the coming weeks.



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