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09 Mar 2010
Diego Colotto scored his third goal on the season against Tenerife; the Argentine defender talked to newspaper la Opiniůn A CoruŮa and analysed his performance and the one of Deportivo.

Q: You demonstrated that you donít only knows how to score with the head.
A: Well, usually my chances arrive more when I go up searching for the set-pieces, and almost always with the head. But this time I picked up a rebound and seized the situation to score.

A: Is a goal always an extra thing for a defender?
A: Yes. It's always nice to score, and more when it helps to achieve a positive result and to see the team feeling good.

Q: This season you already have three, what is your record in one campaign?
A: In Mexico I made four in a short tournament of seventeen games. That was the best.

Q: Do you expect to beat that mark?
A: I wish. The most important thing is that the team can stay living in these positions until the end of the league, and then to fight for a place with the upper teams.

Q: Despite the victory, Depor is passing through a hole in its game, isnít it?
A: The team, at times, is playing a little better and is still above the rival. Against Villarreal we missed a bit of depth, but we had the ball possession. Against Tenerife, when we had the ball, we could have made more damage. These are things that the team is recovering and is always important to keep improving.

Q: So, donít you notice that creativity crisis that Lotina announced?
A: What he says is true. I mean, at times the team is trying to retrieve its football and create scoring opportunities. Obviously the more volume of play, the more control you'll have, but the team is recovering things.

Q: But the forwards still scoreless and people coming from behind must resolve the matches: Juan Rodriguez, Guardado, you...
A: We know we are a team that brings goals from all the lines and many players are adding two or three goals. Thatís important, and itís important to see the strikers running on the pitch and adding on defense. We have many players contributing with goals and that's good.

Q: Is this the perfect season for you?
A: It has been a campaign with continuity and success in a collective sense, and that helps us all feel important.

Q: Do you notice that each day you are growing a little more based on playing more games?
A: Yes. Every time I feel better in some ways that I need to improve, and that gives me the confidence that the group has and what the coach wants with you.

Q: With 41 points and without the obligation to be in Europe, the team may, unwittingly, misled until the end.
A: No. We're focused and for some reason Depor has lasted many matchdays in the leading group. We know that we must continue with this momentum. There were some good results and others that werenít so good, but the team remains at the top and is what we intend until the end.

Q: Taking in mind the difficult calendar away from home, is the Riazor the key to Europe?
A: Also important will be to see the team getting some regularity, beyond been strong at home. We must try to get good results as a visitor, though is difficult, to stay at the top places and not been there in a week and in the other donít. Since a long time ago the team has been in European places. We have been fourth, sixth, fifth? The important thing is to be there at the end, grit your teeth and try to follow up on that leading group. Of the teams that are there, we're four or five, no one was able to put a big distance with the others. Moreover, from now on all games are finals, because we all play for a lot and itís becoming harder to win.

Q: It's unbelievable but Sevilla, fourth, is just two points away. If you give the surprise on Saturday at the PizjuŠn, can we dream about the Champions League?
A: It's hard. On some matchdays we have been at the Champions League and we take it calmly. If this would be happening with just three games remaining, that would be a big hope, but as a lot still to be played we must take it with calmness, in the same way as if we were at the seventh place.



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