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23 Mar 2010
Important victory for a Fabril that preferred to speculate and tie a rival that faced a lot of problems to create scoring opportunities. In the end Marcos Valín was the hero with his saves, while Añon scored the winning goal.

Important match that could be considered as a final as both team were clearly dominating the Galician group of Tercera División. Coach Tito Ramallo was recovering central defender David Rochela, but was losing Diego Seoane, Juan Dominguez and Raúl, this last one due to suspension. Also, Hugo Garcia was still out due to injury reasons.

For the event Ramallo was “copying” the 4-3-2-1 scheme of Lotina’s first squad; Marcos Valín was the starting keeper, Diego Vieytes performed at the right-back position, David Rochela returned and played alongside Castillo at the centre, while Cristian Valle was covering the left side. The trio of pivotes was composed by Héctor at the centre, Dani performing towards the right and Juvenil A Richi playing towards the left. The two playmakers were Luis Angel and Chirri, while Joshua Corrales was the central attacker.

Cerceda was arriving to the game with four points of advantage over Depor B, but with one more game played since in the weekend they were going to rest due to the exit of Ciudad de Santiago from the competition. Coach Suso Moure was losing his main attacker, Felipe Rodriguez, and he was replaced by Kelvin.

There are games in which the most important thing is the final result, and this was one of these occasions. Because Ramallo planned a strategy that was trying to block all the roads to Joaquin Gomez ‘Xaco’ and Diego Franqueira, the two lungs of Cerceda, while his team spent the major part of the encounter playing on counterattacks. The strategy succeeded, but the truth is that the visitors deserved to take a point from this clash.

The first half was really tight, with Depor B speculating through counterattacks, while Cerceda was busier trying to reorganize its game by the centre. However, the visitors had the best scoring opportunities, the first one was a long run of Xaco that ended with a wide shot of ex-Depor Oscar Martinez. Later Franqueira found a cross from the right, but his header was saved by Marcos Valín, who ended to be the best player in the game due to his three important saves.

At the end of the half Chirri had to be replaced due to a muscular problem, and his substitute, David Añon, was going to be the other hero of  the match as he scored the winning goal just before halftime. It was a long run of the Galician winger in which he crossed visiting keeper Christopher. It’s his third goal in liga. Fabril was striking first and it was going to be decisive.

Nothing changed for the second half, Deportivo B was still playing through counterattacks, while Cerceda was having the initiative, though without creating clear scoring opportunities. Añon was the most dangerous man for the locals, usually his long runs were ending in shots that missed the target, but at least he was trying to release the pressure from the defensive zone.

But things became tougher for Fabril within the final minutes, Ramallo switched the system and allowed the entry of central defender Karl replacing Richi, while Juan Carlos did the same with Dani. The moves allowed the return of the 4-2-3-1, with Juancar as the playmaker and French Karl performing as a defensive midfielder alongside Héctor.

And not even with that defensive approach Fabril was able to contain the offensive hurricane of Cerceda, it had to be the keeper, Marcos Valín, who was going to stop all the attempts from the visitors.  Especially in two opportunities: A one-on-one attempt against Óscar Martínez and later a short-range effort from Louro. For the stoppage time Depor B had to play with ten men on the pitch due to the expulsion of Valle, but in the end the locals were able to hold on the result.

Important victory for a Fabril that preferred to secure the result and that spent the major part of the time holding at the back zone. Añon scored the winning goal, but the best player was Marcos Valín, who made three important saves to clinch the clean sheet and the three points. The result reduced the distance with first place Cerceda and now the team could reach the top position with a new win against Santa Comba, this since Cerceda will rest during the weekend.

Comments of Tito Ramallo, “The liga is open; we are going to see eight great matchdays against this great team and will fight until the end in order to end first. Before, we faced Cercera practicing a pretty style and we lost. That’s why we needed a change: to hold on at the back zone and cover the holes. I am really content with the team, because it knew how to face a tough encounter. I give a ten regardless to the discipline and order. We have just played the most mature game of the whole season.”

Deportivo B: (4-3-3) Valín – Vieytes, Castillo, Rochela, Valle - Dani (Juan Carlos 67´), Héctor, Richi, (Karl 71´)  - Luis Ángel, Chirri (Añón 38´) - Joshua.
Cerceda: (4-2-3-1) Christopher - Noé, Antonio, David Rey (César Otero 80’), Óscar Martínez - Rodri, Fran Castaño - Franqueira, Xaco (Souto 46’), Bautista – Kelvin (Louro 64’).
Goal: 1-0: (43’) Añon
Referee: Goyanes López. He showed yellow card to Rochela, Héctor, Juan Carlos; Oscar, Antonio, Fran Castaño and Franqueira. Valle was sent off (90’).
Venue: Abegondo (1,000)
Other stats: Occasions to score (7 - 9), Corner-kicks (1 - 7), Fouls committed (16 - 18)
Best players: Valín (9), Dani (7), Añon (6), Vieytes (6), Castillo (6), Rochela (6), Hector (6), Chirri (6), Luis Angel (6), Joshua (6). Source: Depor Sport





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