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25 Mar 2010
All the comments were related to Rubinos Perez, the referee of the game and main receiver of all the protests from Deportivo. Lotina even avoided the press conference in order to evade further problems.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina refused to talk during the press conference that took place after the game, instead he just talked to the Galician journalists during a conversation that took place at the bus and before returning to La Coruña, as it could be expected he was criticizing the referee, “You should look at our changing room… I just can thank the referee, because this has united us against these injustices. There were some good things, the team reacted in the second half and we were close to win with ten men on the pitch… This must unite us; we need to tip our hat for the work done by this team during the second half. If we didn’t win it was by the mistakes of others, we can not reclaim anything to the players.”

About the polemic play that caused his expulsion, the Basque man said that, "Adrian was alone, it was the 1-2 and with just two minutes on the clock. He came out from our part of the field, and an international referee with international lines ... I thought they have changed the rule, really. At the time I was playing as a striker that was offside, because it was clear that he came out from our side of the pitch. And it was what decided the game. In the first half there was another action in which Adrian was alone and wasn’t offside. Very good, very good ... I'll say perfect, and I thank the referee. Sporting has made things very well, was very intelligent and has eaten the match. I'm proud of this team, they have taken three points from us, but this will be useful ".

"I was very hot to go out to the press conference, I apologize to the media, but the best thing was to cool the things down. The rules must be the same for everyone, I accept the mistakes, but to see the rules are in some way for one side and in other for the rest is something I will never understand. I didn’t insulted, I protested to the assistant but I did it correctly, I tell him he was wrong because the player came out from our side, and then he called the referee to ask him to send me off. What about the protests of other players that we've all seen, raising their arms? He didn’t even show a yellow card. The rules must be the same for everyone, whether they sent me off for lifting the arms, then to air them and lit the public is at least for yellow card. There are things I do not understand." He added.

As it could be expected all the comments of the players were related to the work of referee Rubinos Pérez, starting with Antonio Tomás, “Others are crying the whole day and we never did it. We never complained about anything and now they are killing us, maybe it’s time to start complaining a little.”

Daniel Aranzubia was explaining the play in which he was sent off, “It was a typical play between a goalkeeper and a striker. Maybe there was a little contact, but he continued the play. I don’t know if the contact was enough to be considered as a foul. I noticed the contact, but what happens is that later the referee whistled two times, though later he told me that he didn’t know why he did it. In all the plays the referee failed against the same side, actually he gave five minutes of extra-time when we made two changes in the first part. We feel hurt.”

Juan Rodriguez said that, “We are returning to La Coruña with a fool face and without the three points. The play of Dani (Aranzubia), the one of Adrián, the penalty at the end… the suspensions, the injury of Pablo (Alvarez)… let’s see if we can put together a squad to face Getafe.”

Adrián was saying that, “They told that I started to run at our side of the pitch, and it was a clear scoring opportunity, because I was left alone against the keeper. Two or three minutes later that penalty occurred, so it was a play that could have conditioned the match. I think the referee wasn’t so bad, but we are screwed because those two actions happened in a few minutes and it was a clear scoring opportunity. Since the beginning things were twisted, but were fine in the second part though we had one less man.”

Juan Domínguez, who played a decent game despite looking a little lost during part of the match, was trying to avoid the polemic, he just said that, “Since my position it looked like a penalty, and now we must raise our heads.”

Regardless to the polemic with the referee, website talked to former Primera referee Raúl Garcia de Loza, who didn’t hesitate to criticise the work of Rubinos Pérez, “He is too risky, it could have made three things in the play of Aranzubia: not show any card and let the play continue, show a yellow card or sent him off, and was too drastic showing the red card. In the play of the penalty the referee can not make the call if the player touches the ball, but I didn’t see on TV that contact with the ball, anyhow Rubinos Pérez was bad. “

“And the play of Adrián wasn’t offside, because he came out from his part of the field, it’s a serious error, and besides, he took the rules to the limit with the expulsion of Lotina, because it was logical to be like that when you are right. If a referee has a bad match like the one had on yesterday game then he should rest for a few weeks, so he can think of it, it wouldn’t be inconvenient to give him a match in the coming week.” He added.

At Sporting, coach Manuel Preciado, who spent the whole week criticizing the referees for the “injustices” had in the previous game with Real Madrid, was now changing his speech, “I will always defend the referees. Nobody is against Sporting. Nobody is against Deportivo. One day the referees take things from you and in others they benefit you. In a global sense, the result is fair; we made our best first part of the season and later didn’t know how to kill the game, and maybe we were a little lucky in the second part.”




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