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26 Mar 2010
Depor B came back within the last eight minutes to score two goals and clinch three important points that are allowing the leadership of the Galician group at Tercera División; all of this with just seven games remaining in the calendar.

Coach Tito Ramallo was having the casualties of Seoane and Juan Dominguez, who were with the first team, while Hugo Garcia and Chirri were injured, Cristian Valle was on the bench despite been sent off in the previous game with Cerceda, because the competition committee didn’t communicate the sanction as the previous matchday was played just two days before.

The system used was the same 4-3-2-1 presented in the previous match with Cerceda; Marcos Valín was the keeper; Vieytes performed at the right back position and Raúl on the left, Rochela and Castillo were the central defenders; the three pivotes were Dani, Héctor and Richi, the two playmaking functions were for Luis Angel and Vela and David Añon performed at the centre of the attack.

A-Coruña based Santa Comba CF was the rival for the occasion, team that was living inside the relegation zone and that arrived to Abegondo with five defeats suffered within its last eight liga confrontations. Loaned Fabril’s midfielder José Antonio Míguez ‘Toni’ was part of the starting lineup.

Deportivo B found out what was looking for: the leadership at the Galician group of Tercera División. But in order to clinch the mission Ramallo’s team had to suffer until the end as Santa Comba gave a hard battle, actually Fabril was losing the game at minute 81 and only two late goals allowed the comeback.

The first 20 minutes were boring, with the visitors holding at the back zone while the locals were trying to penetrate by the sides, thus came a good chance for Fabril after Vela received a high cross from Raúl, but the winger lost the ball inside the area. Later Richi assisted Vela and his high cross had to be cleared by visiting keeper Dani at the crossbar.

And things changed within minutes 21 and 23, because both sides scored a goal; first Dani sent a long pass to the right wing and into the path of Añon, who eluded a rival and entered into the area to smash the ball into the body of keeper Dani Pérez, then the rebound was found by Richi, and the 19-year-old midfielder scored his first goal at Fabril from close range.

And Santa Comba responded as it scored its first goal in the game during its first approximation to the opposite area, it was a weird play in which Julian headed on target a long cross from Suso, the ball seemed to be going out, but instead it hit the right post of Valín, who followed the ball ending laying on the ground, then Baña found it and turned off to drill a cross into the path of Sergio Prego ‘Doro’, who just scored the equaliser sending the ball to the left top-corner of the local keeper.

The goal disoriented Fabril and Depor’s squad lost the control over the game, the only clear attempt for the locals was a free-kick of Dani that the visiting keeper had to clear out after it hit the barrier. Ramallo’s team regained the control during the second part; Añon and Vela were close to score in a double action that was saved by Dani Pérez, and then the surprise came as the visitors took the lead in the scoresheet.

The scorer was the same Doro, this time heading inside the area a cross from Julián sending the ball into the far post of Valín. As it happened after the first goal of Santa Comba, the locals lost control over the actions and were unable to create scoring opportunities against a rival that was locked at the back-zone.

Ramallo started to make changes and switched into a 3-5-2 figure, with Juan Carlos at the playmaking function, Luis Angel on the right wing, Cristian Valle on the left and the duo Joshua-Añon in attack. It worked out as his team scored two goals within eight minutes to claim the three points and the leadership of the group.

The second goal of Fabril came after a high cross from Luis Angel, the ball went to the six-yard box and Joshua jumped for it obstructing keeper Dani, it seemed to be foul, but the referee didn’t whistle anything and the keeper lost the ball, which was found by Juan Carlos, who equalised the game from close range. It is his fourth goal on this season.

And Fabril found the victory at the last minute of the match, Añon was running from the right to the centre and send a cross to the left side of the area, then Luis Angel drilled the ball back to the centre, and Joshua Corrales appeared to just push the ball in. It is the second goal in liga for the León-born striker and his first since matchday 05 (against Verín).

Cerceda rested during the weekend and now the victory allows Fabril to reach the top of the group, now with a difference of two points over the second place. With only seven games remaining in the calendar these two teams will now fight until the end for the leadership of the group, for the moment Depor B will visit 16th place Celtiga (Sunday, 17h00 CET).

Comments of Tito Ramallo, “We had to work hard. The team has noticed the previous effort done against Cerceda, and the players found the strength when they were more tired, but we ended content. It would have been a disappointment to not have added the three points. Now we need to manage the advantage that we have over Cerceda.” 

Deportivo B: (4-3-2-1) Marcos Valín - Vieytes (Valle 72’), Castillo, Rochela, Raúl – Dani, Héctor, Richi (Juan Carlos 65’) - Vela (Joshua 56’) Luis Ángel - Añon
Santa Comba: (4-2-3-1) Dani Pérez - Suso (Diego Arnejo 90’), Gonzalo, Pibe, Paco - Julio Bayo, Toni - Julián,  Adrián. Doro (Adán 81’) - Pablo Baña
Goals: 1-0:  (21’) Richi, 1-1: (23’) Doro,  1-2: (56’) Doro, 2-2: (82’) Juan Carlos, 3-2: (90’) Joshua.
Referee: Eiriz Mata. He showed yellow card to Richi, Dani, Castillo; Adrián, Paco, Julio Bayo and Diego Arnejo.
Venue: Abegondo (800)
Other stats: Occasions to score (7 - 5), Corner-kicks (10 - 5), Fouls committed (14 - 14)
Best players: Valín (6), Dani (6), Añon (6), Luis Ángel (6), Joshua (6), Juan Carlos (6). Source: Depor Sport




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