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27 Mar 2010
Midfielder Juan Domínguez continues to grow and could be a tempting choice for the foreign clubs, this since he still have an amateur contract. For the moment the club could be waiting to see the player fulfilling the mark of 15 official games with the first team.

Juan Dominguez debuted at Primera División on December 13 during the visit to UD Almeria, since then the Galician youngster has been a pleasant reality as he has shown an astonishing quality and maturity during his 11 liga encounters (616 minutes), plus both legs in Copa Del Rey against Sevilla FC. But it can’t be called a surprise, because everybody was expecting for this growth.

The 20-year-old player has been impressing the coaches at the club since the times with Joaquín Caparrós and president Lendoiro never took his sight away from the Pontedeume-born midfielder, actually together with Rochela and Hugo Garcia he was renewed on the year 2008 (October 17).

The new contract was for five years, but still an amateur one. This figure allows the club to avoid the big wages of the professional contracts, but leaves an open door to see the player leaving in case a superior offer arrives, because the rules of FIFA allows any player to break his amateur contract if a superior proposition, in terms of wages, is presented (later the same instance establish a compensation that’ paid to the former club).

In Spain the clubs have a “secret” agreement to not attempt to sign the youngsters of the others, though sometimes this agreement is broken (as it happened with Real Valladolid and Fabricio), therefore the biggest menace comes from foreign clubs, which could see players like Juan Dominguez as a good opportunity to get a future star for a very low price.

Deportivo never informed about the details of the contract signed with Juan Dominguez, just the fact that it was a five-year deal (lasting until 2013), but usually the Galician club includes an automatic clause that converts the player into a professional if he is able to perform during 15 official games with the first squad, and the midfielder is only two games away to fulfill that mark.



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