31 Mar 2010
A very unfortunate week for Ze Castro; the Portuguese was whistled by the Riazor when he played as a midfielder against Valladolid, then he entered for the final five minutes to witness the defeat with Sporting, and ended scoring an own goal against Getafe.

Zé Castro talked to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña about the poor moment of Depor and also about the own goal that he scored on the past Sunday. Despite his bad week, the ex-Atletico Madrid seemed calmed and focused.

Q: Can you have worse luck?
A: When things happen to you it has to happen and that's it. I still willing to work. I am calm. These things happen and we must be prepared for that.

Q: Do shocks like this make you even stronger?
A: I have great strength and strong will to keep playing and enjoying football. Some things are failures that maybe if there’s a similar play you would end not committing the same error again. These things happen. This is football. When you have spent a lot of time without playing you want to do things in certain way, so maybe later you end screwing up things more. It was also a bit unlucky.

Q: And lack of confidence?
A: Before the game I was confident. I try to motivate myself, I wanted and wished to prove things, but football is like this. When things go well, you live a good time, and when they go wrong, you spend bad moments and that’s it. I am neither better nor worse player than I was before. I am the same and we must continue forward.

Q: Were you suffering on the field?
A: When you score an own goal it isn’t something you wanted to do, and then a lot of things will come to your mind, but then halftime arrived and I thought that I have been a footballer for many years and that these things can not affect me. I returned for the second half with the same confidence as always. This is what we do. If you go down is worse, because a lot of time was still ahead and Getafe was playing very good football.

Q: We heard again a buzz at the stands against you, just like the day of Valladolid...
A: It doesn’t affect me. Football are whistles, then applauses? I have nothing to say about the fans. People on here are pretty quiet and respectful. What happens is that when you are wrong it seems that everything is going wrong, and worse, when things are right, then everything is fine. You can not think that when things are okay then you are in a bed of roses, and when you're wrong is the reverse. I am the same player and there’s a lot of season still ahead, a lot of good things still can happen.

Q: However, on Sunday Lopo is coming back and it will be more complicated for you to play.
A: It shouldn’t be complicated. No matter who’s playing, I can’t think that I can’t play. If not, I wouldn’t continue with this. We must respect everyone and then there’s a person who decides on the weekend and that person puts whoever he believes is better, and that's it. From there, my thing is to work and improve. Let's see what happens until the end of the season. There are decisions taken by the coach and should be respected.

Q: By the way, was an attitude problem what we saw against Getafe or simply there was nothing to do because the opponent was better?
A: It's not a matter of attitude. These are football matches and that's it. Like we won many times at the beginning now we're having other results. On Sunday it seemed that we were a little tired and didn’t offer a good impression. Getafe was much higher, it played much better than us. You can not expect that the team will spend the whole year winning all the matches. Now we've lost three straight games and is normal to see people talking, but the team is the same and the players too.



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