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04 Apr 2010
Ninth confrontation between Lotina and Quique Flores; Depor’s coach was complaining about the injuries, but at the same time hopes to see a reaction, while Atletico’s manager refused to describe the game as a ‘final’

Enrique Sánchez Flores was related to the world of football since he was a little kid; his father, Isidro Sánchez, was a former player of Real Madrid. Quique played for Real Madrid too, and also for Pegaso Tres Cantos, Valencia CF, and Real Zaragoza. The Madrilenian even played the FIFA 1990 World Cup with Spain. As it was expected, Quique started his career as a coach at the youth teams of Real Madrid. Then, for the season 2004/2005, he joined Getafe and impressed with a solid team that ended at mid-table and that reached the last-16 round in Copa Del Rey.

Then he jumped to Valencia FC and achieved the qualification to the Champions League during his first season there, but was fired on the following campaign (2007/2008) after just two months due to the poor results of the squad. This is his ninth confrontations against Miguel Angel Lotina; Quique Flores has won five of the previous eight games, while Lotina has won twice. To mention that the current streak of Lotina is the worst one since his arrival to Depor, with only one point added within the last four encounters.

Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Saturday’s morning, he started complaining of the countless injuries that have struck his team, “We’re the team hardest hit by the injuries by far. There are some cases of bad luck, like Filipe, Pablo Alvarez and Juan Dominguez. But I'm more concerned with others, like Mista or Lassad. And don’t blame the doctors. You always want to have players that are, as long as possible, available for the coach not only during eight or nine games in the year "

Lotina also gave a clue about the starting lineup as he assured that Adrián is fit to play, “In the beginning Adrián will stay. I am very happy with him, though Riki is fine too. The last time that both played at the same time was at Valladolid and we allowed four goals. We can’t say that we will attack more by having more men up front.”

Later the Basque coach was emphasising the importance of Guardado at the starting eleven, “We have to carry with the weight of the match. We have found that by not having any left-footed in the team we always end playing at the right side. With Guardado at the team we compensate this aspect. Laure defends very well as you could saw in Seville and in Gijón, but has problems in attack "

The Basque manager confessed that what he fears the most is the counterattack of Atletico, "They’re very dangerous on the counterattack. I don’t know if both Kun and Forlán will start, because they have the game of the Europa League, but it’s logical that both will bee playing at the same time at some point in the match. Atletico has fast people that work very well during a counterattack."

Finally, Lotina was saying that this is the decisive part in la liga, “We know we have performed very badly and obviously we all want to get up. For us it’s a test, we’re starting the League of nine games and we want to look good. We must try to work hard once again. We must try to do something similar to the visit to Sevilla, though now the position of Atletico will be different. They could feel distracted by Europe, but if we are thinking of that then we’re already starting to lose.”

Atletico’s coach gave a press conference on Saturday; he was constantly asked if he will make any rotation after the recent match against Valencia, but he only responded that, “The only think left is to see me giving you the starting lineup.” He just explained that Reyes and Valera aren’t ready yet, “Both are evolving, but aren’t ready for this match.”

He neither wanted to confirm if  Paulo Assunçao will be rested for this game, "I have considered to give some rest to all the players we can. But there is a difference in the demands of the last two games against Real Madrid and Valencia, and so Assunçao has noticed the effort."

About the clash, the ex-Valencia manager didn’t want to describe the encounter as a final for Atletico, “Depor is a direct rival and we know it's an important game. But I don’t like to talk about a vital match, because I don’t like to distress the players thinking about it. I like to delude ourselves as much as possible and ask for the maximum support to the fans, which always encourage us and give us the strength "

“Depor’s clash is a game we have to play from that point of been hopeful and must convert the physical exhaustion/fatigue into a positive factor. In addition, we seek a victory that could be important and encouraging to reach Europe by all means possible. " Quique added.

Finally, Flores talked of the big effort done by the team after been playing in three competitions, "Being in several competitions and hoping for more things is something that turns on the engine of the team during every game. We are in the best league in Europe and it’s an extremely demanding. We must go out for that. There are two ways to look at the matches: one is the normal one, hoping that the goal will come to encourage you, and the other is like we did in the Europe League, to go out for the goal, and then it comes the boost. First you find the boost to reach the goal. "



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