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06 Apr 2010
Once again the media criticised a new poor presentation of Deportivo; the papers emphasised the downfall of the second half and especially the lack of intensity shown by the players.

La Opinión A Coruña: Without referenced in attack. Pretty bad game of Deportivo, which showed a clear lack of intensity and that doesn’t have a clear reference in attack. In addition, it abused of the horizontal game and didn’t create danger through its offensive game. The team has no verticality, it has the ball possession at various moments throughout the game, but the ball moves horizontally and the team is inexistent in attack. It seems it has no power to overcome the games; that as soon as it allows a goal the squad surrenders to the rival. It was noticed in the second part. It seemed that the entry of Riki was going to help Deportivo to react, but conceded another goal and that was the end of the game, the team sank and there were no signs of recovery. I insist that the attack needs more in order to add the points. The used scheme didn’t bring depth, though the same players performed again. The fact is that the team lacks an offensive reference to concrete the transitions. But the ideal man hasn’t been found. And Valerón is in bad shape, which doesn’t help the team to improve. Javier Bardanca.

La Voz De Galicia: Simulation of a game. Rather than a match, it was a simulation at the Calderon. Perhaps the easiest win for Atletico, side that beat (3-0) this irregular Deportivo that is going down in an alarming way. Fortunately, the league enters to its final stretch and the 42 points have secured the permanence for next season. The best thing is to forget the things saw last night, especially the second half, just when Deportivo was a shadow of what the fans want to see. So much that it allowed Atletico to put a 3-0 on the scoresheet and to see the home coach voluntarily taking off the field Agüero and Forlán and reserve them for Thursday, against Valencia.

We said in the past that Lotina’s men, if they aspired to achieve something, should fight hard from the start. It wasn’t like that but quite the opposite, allowing the Madrilenian team to correct its flaws, which were abundant in the first half, and amended in the second with that unexpected result for themselves. And so it goes for a painful Depor in the second round. Vicente Leirachá.

Xornal De Galicia: Deportivo arrived to the Vicente Calderon with the aim of reviving in la liga after three straight defeats, but again the Galician squad repeated the mistakes of the last meetings: defensive mismatches that didn’t happen earlier on the season, lack of punch in attack - as the team barely completed shots on target- and, above all, the desperate feeling of not being able to do more. That is really worrying.

Until Atletico Madrid went ahead on the scoresheet, the Galician team maintained its composure, but after the opening goal, all were facilities for Atletico, which didn’t imagine that it could get a barrage of goals without having to risk anything. Because, although they knew that Depor had lost in its previous three matches, nobody expected that it would be facing a team physically and mentally exhausted.

Yesterday, Lotina recovered Guardado, who wasn’t a starter against Getafe, and gave the guidance of the team to Valerón. However, the Canarian couldn’t lead the Galician team. The Arguineguín-born player was vague, and is impossible to break the defense of Atletico without that needed spark; the Madrilenians enjoyed of one of its quietest games of the season. In fact, one of its members, central defender Juanito, was commissioned to open the scoring. The defender seized a series of rebounds inside the area to send the ball into the back of the net and take the lead on the scoresheet. A lot was remaining, but Deportivo was already dead. Omar Bello.

AS: A gift with bow. Deportivo accumulates now four consecutive losses and offers no signs of improvement, quite the contrary. Before an Atletico that played at will, saving gasoline for the Europa League, Lotina’s men had no resistance, but rather spread a carpet of indifference on the lawn of the Calderon that transforms their free fall in the league into depression. Without blood, without fouls, without pressure, without steals, without bothering De Gea, without forceful... nothing.

The goal is Europe; which remains three points away, but with the indolence shown by this Depor is like the difference is of thirty points. Last week the Galicians added Getafe to the fight for Europe, yesterday it was Atletico, and by the way Villarreal has already surpassed it. The hopes are Riki, Adrian and Guardado, but as long as they delay their reappearance this fight will already be finished. The other factor is that the team has lost its defensive security, while Aranzubía flew yesterday and stopped a lot of chances, but gifts with a bow are no longer despised by anyone. Luis De La Cruz

Marca: After a start of season worthy of a small team, Los Rojiblancos are waking up, the effect of Quique is now noticeable and at least the team will play better or worse in many matches, but always showing the symptoms of trying to do their best and tuning with the fans again. On this occasion we didn’t see the best of Atletico Madrid, but it was enough to be an organized team at the back zone and a killer team in attack. Deportivo is ruining everything done in the first round and is light years away of that team that was capable of beating anyone.

In front it was Deportivo; a team that seems to not knowing how to play at this stage of the season. Adrian is very irregular and not a reference in attack, Valerón has class to spare, but lacks that spark that made him magic, Guardado doesn’t find the support to create danger, and at defense Lopo is not enough to stop an attack that has enough with the quality of Forlán and Kun Aguero. Pablo Egea



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