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06 Apr 2010
The same speech of the past three defeats; Lotina still talking of improvement, while the players admitted that their performance still is disappointing.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was feeling very disappointing with the performance of his team, "We missed intensity; the team did the right things in the first part, but lacked depth and gave too many facilities, especially in the second and third goal. In the end Atletico easily closed the things. We were too soft and lost the order of the first part, and that showed up our deficiencies.”

“We need to improve and can’t think of Europe, we need to recover the work done on the pitch, the order and the intensity. We are a clean team, but to be clean doesn’t mean to give facilities to the rival, which is what occurred to us. In the second goal there were three straight shots on target. In the third Ujfalusi looked like Cristiano Ronaldo and that’s avoidable. If we improve then we can speak of Europe, if not it doesn’t sound logical to me.”  He added.

Finally, the coach talked of the near future, “We have suffered four straight defeats and logically the team feels affected, because they’re competitive players. Now is time to have a long conversation. We still have eight matchdays and must get up. If it can be on Sunday, the better; we still can fight.”

Juan Carlos Valerón was saying that the team suffers each time that allows a goal, “We have been leaking goals during moments that, when you are living a negative streak, are more damaging compared to when you are living a positive situation, moments where you allow a goal and don’t affect you, but we are conscious about the situation and must surpass it.”

“Any team must know how to handle these moments and now what we need to do is to achieve a victory on Sunday no matter how. We are a team without any pressure; we would have loved to carry forward with any of these last games in order to still there, buy we must continue doing our games, playing our league, and I don’t think is a matter of feeling the pressure.”

Iván Pérez was very honest expressing his feelings after the game, “What matters is the collective sense, and I am feeling satisfied because I had five games without playing and at least was able to step out to the field; I felt again as a football player. Anyhow, you end thinking of the team and the truth is that I am happy because I returned to play, but sad for the defeat.” 

“The players still standing up, still thinking of Europe and working on all the remaining tasks; we want to prove that we still are the team of the first round, and especially that what we do and what we can do is going to be bigger. " The ex-Fabril player added.

Juan Rodríguez was admitting that the team fell down after the second goal of Atletico, “It was like the game with Sevilla, we were there and could have equalised at any moment, but later we fell down. We don’t know what’s happening. The team is living a negative dynamic with these four straight defeats, but right now we need to be united and not throw away our season.” 

Captain Manuel Pablo was very critic due to the errors committed by the team, especially in defence, “We aren’t the same team of the recent past, and we have lost confidence. You can not commit so many errors as we did against a good team like Atletico Madrid.”

Later the Canarian admitted that Depor has reached the bottom, “Mentally we are exhausted and depressed because we realise the team is not achieving the goals. We are passing through a difficult moment. The solution passes through regaining the confidence at the Riazor. Right now we have lost everything, our style confidence and defensive security. We lost against two teams (Getafe and Valladolid) that theoretically were beatable and that’s the starting point where we’re losing the train.”

Youngster Raúl Garcia was feeling content for his debut, “To have debuted is a big joy, besides Atletico is the second preferred club of my grandfather and for that reason it was more special. But I am a little sad for the result, though content at the same time for been debuting at Primera; it was a dream for me. I wasn’t expecting to debut and less in that position (left winger), but I go whenever they tell me. Only to be working with the first team means a great joy to me.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro, who watched the game at the stands of the Vicente Calderón, was admitting the defeat, “We must congratulate Atletico, because they were superior, especially in the second half. We are going through a hole, like it happened to Atletico, club that still living in Europe and in the final of Copa. We, no matter been failing, still up there, very close to them.”

At Atletico, coach Quique Flores said that it was an easy win for them, “We had intensity, with the lines very close to each other in order to not been touch by them. We didn’t want to see them at our side of the pitch and that’s why we were offensive. We lasted to find the pace of the match, but when we did it we had continuity and in the end things were pretty much easy.”




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