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07 Apr 2010
The worst month in the season for Deportivo, but Adrián seized the moment to score two goals and clinch three “man of the match” awards. Aranzubia still leading the global race, but Guardado is getting closer.

Depor played five games in the month of March and it was only able to add four points, reason why the European options are now so complicated. The team had some of its worst performances on the season and that was noticed in the votes as the Peña members didn’t have any preference in the month.

But there’s one exception: striker Adrián López, who wake up in March to score two goals and clinch three of the four man of the match awards (MOM). Starting with the encounter at Sevilla FC, occasion when the Asturian attacker scored the goal that mean the 1-1 and as he looked dangerous throughout the game.

The following encounter against Real Valladolid was one of the worst matches of Depor on this season, but the performance of Adrian in attack was enough to convince the voters, same goes for the visit to Sporting Gijón, match where the ex-Oviedo striker scored his second goal in a matter of a week, though Depor ended defeated after a polemic work of the referee (1-2).

This is the first player of the month award for Adrián. The other man that took advantage of March was Andrés Guardado, who was selected as the MOM for the clash against Tenerife; the Mexican scored a goal in that occasion and led the reaction than meant Depor’s last victory in liga. The ex-Atlas also ended second in the voting for the game at Sevilla FC.

In this way Adrian added fifteen points in March, while Guardado added eight. It calls the attention that youngster Juan Dominguez was third in the month list as he was rewarded with four points, this after the Fabril’s midfielder ended second for the voting in the game with Valladolid and third for the clash against Sevilla. Colotto and Antonio Tomás ended fourth in the month list with four points for each player.


vs Tenerife (Liga - 6/3/10)

1st. Guardado - 5 points (28)

2nd. Colotto - 3 points (13)

3rd. Juan Rodriguez - 1 point (9)

At Sevilla (Liga - 13/3/10)

1st. Adrian - 5 points (34)

2nd. Guardado - 3 points (24)

3rd. J Dominguez - 1 point (21)

Vs Valladolid (Liga - 20/3/10)

1st. Adrian - 5 points (23)

2nd. J Dominguez - 3 points (15)

3rd. Aranzubia & Lassad - 1 point (3)

Vs Sporting (Liga - 23/3/10)

1st. Adrian - 5 points (30)

2nd. A Tomas - 3 points (8)

3rd. Laure & Sergio - 1 point (6)

Daniel Aranzubia still leading the season table, but now his 16-point advantage had by February has been cut to just nine points, this since Guardado added eight points in March while the Basque keeper just added one. Juan Rodriguez still third, but now tied with Adrián, who was the big winner of the month.

1st. Aranzubia - 41 pts 

2nd. Guardado - 32 pts

3rd. Juan Rodriguez - 25 pts

3rd. Adrian - 25 pts 

5th. Colotto - 20 pts 

5th. Juca - 20 pts

7th. Laure - 19 pts

8th. Filipe - 18 pts 

9th. Lopo - 17 pts

10th. Manuel Pablo - 15 pts

11th. Tomas - 14 pts 

12th. Riki - 10 pts 

13th. Alvarez - 9 pts

13th. Manu - 9 pts 

13th. Valerón - 9 pts 

16th. Dominguez - 8 pts

17th. Perez - 7 pts

18th. Mista - 5 pts 

19th. Angulo - 3 pts 

20th. Lassad - 2 pts 

21st. Bodipo - 1 pt

21st. Sergio -1 pt

21st. Ze Castro - 1 pt




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