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16 Apr 2010
Lotina was content with the performance of his team despite been trashed 3-0 by Barcelona; he said that liked the game until the 2-0. A curious thing is that there were no players’ comments after the game

Miguel Ángel Lotina was content and commented the game, “We were a little dumb at the start, but later had some opportunities. The 2-0 was harmful, especially for the way in which the goal came. The team fell apart and Barca was playing more comfortable. In attack we put them in trouble and were stuck. I'm happy about that and because there were other good things, like Piscu, who was coming from a long time without playing, Riki, who is still there, and Laure, who had been in doubt since Sunday's game. Honestly, I liked the team until the second goal. We are there, we lacked sparkle and freshness, but at least we had order and were well placed.”

"Overall, it wasn’t a bad game. At the 20th minute we already were 1-0, but as the minutes were passing the game was better. What I wanted was to score the equaliser at the forty minute of the second part and to see them not having enough time to react. If you do it at the 20th, probably they would score another, but in the 85, it’s more complicated for them... Pedro’s goal was a great goal. It isn’t easy to strike the ball as he did it, because the ball was coming very strong and the direction was perfect. We missed the chances of surprising Barca die to a great goal by Pedro." He added.

Finally, Lotina said that he never motivated his players with the idea they could have won, "It is no coincidence that Barca won six titles on last year. It has very good players and very good things, but is not unbeatable. To beat them, first you must be convinced, and that comes through a series of results that can endorse you, and we aren’t living a good moment. I didn’t try to convince them that it was possible to win, but that we had to go out trying to bring a positive impression for ourselves, to restore the image of good football gave during the first round. But I told them at halftime, 'Let's see if they are too confident and see what happens'. "

At Barcelona, Pep Guardiola was trying to keep his players alert ahead of the last matches on the season, “We are reaching the final stage on the season in a better way compared to the past season and that’s a good sign. The team is mentally strong and what’s clear is that (Real) Madrid will force us to stay plugged. There is no tireness, only desire. The season is about to end and the hope is to reach the farthest point. We have an historic chance and must hold to it. We must be thinking of that for 24 hours.”

“Normally, any side adding the 80% of the points ends as the champion, but this is an atypical year. But the tone and the intensity keep me optimistic. I was a little scared, because we were coming after winning in Madrid and it seemed that we already had accomplished the mission. I am content for the way in which the players responded.” He added.




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