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21 Apr 2010
On the past weekend coach Miguel Angel Lotina gave an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and explained the movements that Deportivo is fulfilling ahead of the summer market. He said that three or four news players will arrive.

Q: What player profile are you looking for? Someone with quality, even at Segunda?
A: In the beginning we are looking at anyone that will be free, both in Spain and in Europe, also the Argentine and Brazilian players in Europe, besides to people from major clubs that arenít playing and we are looking at that type of player. And people that will be free in Spain, there are a few. Right now we are gathering information, both watching videos and seeing them live, we are also gathering information from their previous coaches, people who know them to see how they are as persons and as workers. We are also concerned about this aspect.

Q: So you want skilful players
A: What we want is quality and speed. Sometimes is difficult to combine both.

Q: So, are the positions to be reinforced the playmaker and right winger?
A: Yes, we are looking at that type of player.

Q: Do you need a new striker?
A: I do not discard it. We must have in mind that Mista and Lassad have hardly played on this season and letís see how Bodipo ends. All that interests me. Right now we are not convinced that we need someone else, but neither is a closed door.

Q:: Last year you only wanted three strikers.
A: And this year we continue in the same situation. What happens is that this year Lassad has hardly played due to the injuries.

Q: If any of the normal starters leaves, will this means that someone else has to arrive?
A: If any player of the starters leave, then we will search a replacement for that position, not only in the case of Filipe, also with Juan Rodriguez, Lopo ... if they leave we have to watch another player.

Q: So, are we speaking of more than two signings?
A: Yes, for next season at least three or four signings will be made, that's for sure.

Q: Are you looking for a new Guardado, a young player with projection?
A: That's the idea. Let's see if we can do it. It would be a player that gives us wealth, but the market will lead to what we can. We have the advantage that we still have much time, we know what players arenít happy at their clubs, in Spain and in Italy, England or even Germany and that give us an advantage.

Q: Any interest in the loaned players, Alex BergantiŮos, Ruben Castro and Aythami?
A: It depends on what comes out of here. Aythami is playing and will depend on what we do with Piscu, because it could be the time, if we still have five central defenders, to loan him out to see him playing. We keep saying that heís a very important player for us, but if Lopo, Zť, Colotto stay... It will also depend on what happens with Ze Castro, but there is a contract and in the end the club is the one that takes the decision. These are things that havenít been decided.



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