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03 May 2010
Ten straight games without a win and Lotina still saying that he is happy with the team; meanwhile Lafita was feeling hurt for the hostile reception at the Riazor.

No matter the negative streak lived by Depor, coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was saying that he was happy with the performance of his team, “The team was fine, I liked it. They had one arrival and scored. I believe we deserved to win with a big score.  At times we had a solid performance, within the last matches this was the one in which I saw more opportunities to win, but it wasn't possible. Today I saw the team fresher than before, this within our limitations. At times we were playing well." 

Later, the Basque coach was announcing that Rochela cold end gaining a spot for next season, “Nobody should be surprised if Rochela ends with us for the coming season. We will continue watching him from here to the end. He is a good central defender, quiet with the ball and can hold all the lines. If at the end Fabril gets promoted then he shouldn’t be playing at Segunda B. Piscu and Rochela are interesting for Depor, but we must study if they should go out to play 30 games in a strong team at Segunda or if they should stay.”

In the last part of the press conference, Lotina talked of market news, “The president knows the positions and the names of the signings that I want for next year. We need five signings. The only doubt is the central defender, to know if Ze Castro will stay… if Filipe and Guardado will stay, in almost every position the president knows all the names that I want. I won’t say names. We aren’t talking of 8, 5 or 3 million signings, because the situation is not for that, though the situation might change if we sell Filipe or Guardado. Basically, the profile that we want is a young player that will leave a heritage, we will like Spanish players, but we also welcome foreigners.”

Youngster David Rochela expressed his feelings after the meeting, “The true is that I felt really comfortable and adapted to the change with my partners. Clearly the game is faster and has more quality, but I’m really content. The coach congratulated me, but I can only keep working.”

The other Fabril’s player that was a starter, Raúl Garcia,  said that “we must keep fighting. I just want to keep learning, because I still have to learn a lot.” He also talked of the situation lived by Lafita, who was constantly whistled by the fans, “He came to make his game and the true is that you don’t realize about the whistles from the ground.” 

After Sunday’s training, captain Manuel Pablo was talking of the negative streak lived by the team, “We are specialists in negative records: the defeat in Monaco, to have spent the phase in Champions League without scoring goals. But we either made positive things and I want to remain with those things. Yesterday we did what we could in order to win, but still living this negative streak.”

Later the Canarian was denying that his team is paying the price for the physical effort done in the first part of the season, “It was a little of everything:  we saw ourselves at the top and went wrong at home, because outside we have kept a regular line. But at home we played more  happily and the rivals defeated us in the same way.”

Striker Riki didn’t find the words to explain what is happening with his team, “We are realistic and know that we are playing for nothing, but neither want to lose, let’s see if at least we are able to end as high as possible. They didn’t want to lose and didn’t leave empty spaces. The pity is that an error of the referee started the play of the goal. Later we tried, but it wasn’t possible.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was only praying to end this nightmare as soon as possible, “The final result is unfair according to what we saw, but I’m just wishing to end the season. We could only think of the future.”

At Zaragoza, coach  José Aurelio Gay was feeling happy for the result, “We needed to win at the Riazor and we did it. It was a difficult game, we suffered a lot, but we are used to suffer and handle these kinds of situations, though in the end we suffered too much. We were fine at times, though our game wasn’t brilliant. As it happened throughout the season we missed clarity and freshness in attack, and missed the ball possession in the second part, then Depor pushed and we defended as we could.”

The worst part was for Angel Lafita, he was constantly whistled and even the Riazor Blues showed a signboard against him (Lafita, you already are where you wanted, soon you will be where you deserve) “I didn’t think on how I was going to be received by the public. I did not care. The truth is that I would have preferred to be applauded after two years in which I gave everything, and it’s hard to come back and see people treating me like this. Anyhow I keep a good memory of La Coruña and these events won’t change anything. " He said with a serious expression on his face.

Finally, Adrian Colunga, the hero that scored the goal, was saying that "The only important thing is the three points at the Riazor. The defensive work has been spectacular, we learned to keep a clean sheet and seized the opportunity we had. On Wednesday we play another final and must win, we must be saved as soon as possible. Before Espanyol we will go until death. "





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