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30 Mar 2006
On Wednesday, Caparr??s talked with the media after their training session. The coach maintained his criticism and also said that Lendoiro has arranged a meeting for the next Tuesday to solve the present conflicts at the club. Meanwhile, Depor Sport has started to speculate about the possible replacements for him.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s maintained his declarations on Wednesday against the club's officials; however, he added that a meeting with Lendoiro will occur in the next week to talk about the problems at Deportivo: "In the following week I will have a meeting with the president (Tuesday). What I said before is on record and I will not erase anything. What I want is to train with the maximum illusion, and we will see if what we arranged before will be fulfilled or not."

The Sevillan trainer also confessed that one of his main worries is the fact that his assistants -Luci and Reyes- haven't receive a renewed offer, something that Lendoiro promised him in January: "This is a real problem, but I wouldn't like to talk about it too much. When I sign something, it is because my group is signing as part of the project too. I don't know the circumstances, but they haven't received news from the club yet."

Caparr??s didn't want to talk about the 'missed signings' that he asked for to reinforce the squad: "We will not talk about that subject, it's already there." Despite the current confrontation, the Sevillan coach wanted to thank Depor's president for the confidence that he has shown in him: "He is the person that's currently trusting in me and he has given me interesting things, now we have just to execute them."

Some papers in Madrid started to speculate that the name of Caparr??s is on the list of prospects to coach Real Madrid, but the Utrera-born trainer refused to talk about the speculation and preferred to talk instead about the game with Racing Santander: "We have to forget these things and concentrate our efforts on Racing, because my friends Casquero, Alfaro and Anto?±ito (ex-Sevilla players) will come here to bite us. For that reason we have to make a big effort and achieve the three points."

Meanwhile, Caparr??s' declarations are creating a negative environment inside the club and the Galician radio speculated that Lendoiro feels betrayed after hearing the declarations, although he still believes that the Sevillan coach is the right person to lead the new project of Deportivo. Depor Sport wrote on their front page the headline: "If you leave... somebody else will come" and in the editorial the names of Javier Aguirre, Schuster, Victor Mu?±oz and Javier Irureta were mentioned as options if Caparr??s finally abandons Deportivo.

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