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07 May 2010
As its normal, the papers still disappointed with the poor performance of Depor in this final part of la liga. Some are even making jokes about the convenience of making bets in these times of financial crisis.

Xornal De Galicia: Depor, a 'bargain' for any rival. New defeat of Deportivo, team that now accumulates eleven straight games without a victory and extends its ridiculous legend. If it were only for Deportivo, the bookmakers would be ruined, and any fan could be saying good-bye to the crisis in a jiffy. You just have to bet for a Galician defeat in the championship. The risk for the bettor, taking in mind the things sawn in the last two months of competition, is zero. Yesterday, Deportivo demonstrated it again losing to Osasuna (3-1), allowing the Navarran team to conquer its salvation. It was a defeat by inertia, one of those crashes in which the opponent doesn’t even have to make a great effort to take the three points. And it’s that Depor has become into the preferred opponent of the Primera clubs. There isn’t any other squad at the Spanish Primera Division that can give away the vital points in a so simple way. Omar Bello

La Opinión A Coruña Little can be said of Deportivo’s match in Pamplona. The punctual errors were decisive, which gave all the options in the world to Osasuna. In the first goal a chain of failures occurred, some of them absurd, as the late exit of Aranzubia. The goalkeeper also failed badly in the second goal, play in which the ball slipped between his gloves. Deportivo had started the game calmly and had a good chance with Riki. It was a pass of Valerón with a crossed shot of Riki that ended in goal, but it wasn’t worthy. Depor gave things for free again and that was the key to the game. The team lost the defensive secureness and led to the third goal from Osasuna. The number of goals is probably higher taking in mind what happened in the game, but Osasuna's victory isn’t unreasonable. Some decent attacks after halftime and the desire of the B squad players masked the defeat. With this bad end of the season, the team has no other thing than to finish with dignity. Manolo Correidora

La Voz De Galicia: It is what it is. It was one of the shorter matches we have sawn at Deportivo. After half an hour and a minute with the ball rolling across the pitch, everything was already resolved with a score of 3-1. When a team goes to the pause with an adverse score, then it must go out for the second part with the clear intention of closing the gap. Yesterday, neither Deportivo tried nor Osasuna bother. Both just left to run the clock, because the 3-1 was making happy the Navarrans. Lotina’s players seemed interested in that the game (?) could end soon, like thinking that after the meeting they will attend to a dinner invitation by Lotina (after the game the coach invited all the players and the staff to a dinner in a local restaurant), something that normally happens at the end of each season. Of course, the 2009-2010 campaign ended for Deportivo several matchdays ago. The clash against Mallorca is just one more step. Being honest, we must recognize that neither was expected otherwise in Pamplona, because this is what it is. Some more, some less, are already thinking of what we’ll have after the summer. Vicente Leirachá

AS: Osasuna will continue another year at Primera thanks to a comfortable victory against an indolent Deportivo, team that for several matchdays is the best ally of any team that plays for something, either the permanence or Europe. Camacho knew before traveling to the Bernabéu that the key match was yesterday’s one, and time has proved right. But yes, the coach estimated that his team was going to suffer, at least a little, but this Deportivo is enjoying the long time dreamed vacations, something that yesterday was fairly conquered by Osasuna at a stadium that was a bit empty, but very devoted to the cause. Luis de la Cruz

El País: Aranzubia lend a hand to Osasuna. Osasuna was close to achieve the permanence at the Bernabéu, but eventually the homework was left for the near future. The important tasks are always left for home. There, against a Deportivo without a parachute, the team of Jose Antonio Camacho was able to secure the permanence for another year at Primera. Two errors from the visiting goalkeeper were a stone too big for the Galician team, who wanders drowned in this final stretch of the season. Osasuna arrives to this final part with a good physical state, while Deportivo already tied its place in the first round of the championship. Osasuna recovers its chair and breathes calmly, this at the expense of a Deportivo that gives the thanks because there are only two matchdays reaming in la liga. Gorka Pérez

Diario de Navarra (Pamplona): Lotina’s Deportivo visited Pamplona in order to spend the night as dignified as possible, but was taken prisoner of the same relaxation that strikes any team that no longer plays for anything at this point of the season. This was wonderful news for an Osasuna that was carried in a carriage to cross the goal of the permanence. The highly wanted mark of the 42 points is already inside the pocket. You will not need more. In half an hour, Los Rojillos were able to kill off the game, still the nerves and tension appeared. Less rain and low temperature, everything was perfect on last night. Until the results of other stadiums accompanied. It was all perfect.

Although it was not the time to miss the train, Deportivo put things too easy for Camacho. Contemplative, it neither put the leg. To see the Galicians leaving with just six fouls committed says it all. Only two men put the necessary voltage required by a Primera match: El Flaco Valerón and Riki. He’s almost 35, but the Canarian retains an exquisite quality. What a class he still has. He had great moments driving the ball, appearing between the lines and reading his diagonal passes to the striker.

Riki, powerful left-footed player, understood his football, the same one liked by the fans. It was the only way to create danger against an Osasuna that liked itself in attack like in few times before. When he was replaced, at minute 63, the Reyno de Navarra paid a tribute to Valerón with the applauses, this as a reward for his game. Nice gesture. By then, everything had been said. The orchestra of Osasuna played a good symphony to not bore a stadium less populated than in previous episodes, but involved in the game, because its team gave enough reasons for it. Fernando Ciordia



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