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07 May 2010
Depor B suffered its first defeat in nine games; Rapido Bouzas prevailed as it was fighting for the salvation and as they capitalised their dominance within the first half an hour.

Coach Tito Ramallo had big difficulties to prepare the game, Marcos Valín, Diego Vieytes and Momar were out for injury reasons, while Rochela, David Añon and Raúl were joining the first team for the home game against Zaragoza. Besides, Juvenil A was at the edge of traveling to Benidorm (Valencia) in order to dispute the Champions League, reason why he didn’t use any player from Juvenil A in the starting eleven.

In the end the coach decided to use an unusual 4-4-2 formation, with a defensive line that was playing together for the first time: Diego Rivas was the goalie; Diego Seoane performed at the right-back position, Castillo and Alberto Valencia were the central defenders, while Cristian Valle was covering the left side. Dani and Héctor were the pivotes, Luis Angel covered the right wing and Chirri the left. Finally, the duo in attack was composed by Hugo Garcia and Joshua.

Fabril was playing for nothing as the team already clinched the first spot in the group, but it was the opposite story for Rapido de Bouzas, because they needed the victory in order to certify the permanence.

Depor B noticed the fact that it was playing for nothing and also that it was missing several key players, besides Rapido de Bouzas needed more the three points and for that reason the locals had the ball possession and controlled the actions within the first half an hour.

And it’s that Fabril didn’t reach the opposite area until the final fifteen minutes of the first part, while Rapido scored its goal in its clearest occasion on the game, it was after a cross of Ces coming from the right that striker José Ignacio Franco ‘Nacho’ collected to beat Diego Rivas from close range. That goal changed the picture of the game.

Because the locals had now what they wanted and decided to spend the rest of the game locked at their zone waiting to release a counterattack, while the visitors gained the control of the actions. Just two minutes after the goal Depor B had its clearest opportunity in the game. It was a free-kick taken by Luis Angel that Seoane found inside the box, the defender was able to release a shot on target, but his effort just hit the crossbar.

The last opportunity in the first half was for Luis Angel, the Canarian was left alone against local keeper Gael, he eluded the goalie and sent a shot on target from the corner of the box, but Humberto cleared the danger close to the goal line.

The second half brought bad news to Depor B, because defenders Castillo and Valle suffered injuries that forced them to leave the game, then two Juvenil B players replaced the duo: Juan Carlos and Jose Manuel. Once again Ramallo was forced to present a defensive line that was performing together for the first time.

And it’s that midfielder Héctor had to delay his position in order to join Jose Manuel at the centre of the defence, Alberto Valencia moved his position to the right, while Diego Seoane did the same to the left. But the defensive line didn’t suffer too much as the locals were more worried in keeping the score, their only chance in the half was an attempt of Jaco that was saved by Diego Rivas.

Meanwhile, Fabril had two clear scoring attempts in the boots of its two strikers, Hugo Garcia and Joshua, but both missed the target. For the final ten minutes a third Juvenil A player entered to the pitch, it was Diego Vela, who replaced Luis Angel. Seoane was sent off in the final minutes as he saw a second yellow card.

Fabril broke its streak of eight straight victories, but the worse part was to lose defenders Valle and Castillo with the playoffs around the corner. Rápido Bouzas just needed 30 minutes of domination to score the goal, later they defended the result and Fabril missed its chances to tie the game, including an attempt of Seoane that hit the crossbar. 

Comments of Tito Ramallo:, ”We started to compete after the 1-0. They jumped to the pitch having more intensity, something that was normal since they were playing for much important things. We were cautious for the things had ahead of us –the playoffs- We would have loved to keep the positive streak, but the true is that there are more important things and we can’t expose ourselves.”

Rápido Bouzas: (4-4-2) Gael – Humberto, Toño (Moi 65’), Portas, Souto – Tabi, Pablo, Nacho, Víctor (Ita 74’) – Ces (Carlos 81’), Jaco.
Deportivo B: (4-4-2) Diego Rivas – Seoane, Castillo (Juan Carlos 55’), Valencia, Valle (Jose Manuel 48’) – Luis Angel (Vela 80’), Héctor, Dani, Chirri – Joshua, Hugo García.
Goal: 1-0: (27’) Nacho
Referee: Botana Rey. He showed yellow card to Castillo. Seoane was sent off with two yellow cards (90’)
Venue: Baltasar Pujales
Other stats: Attempts to score (7 - 6), Corner-kicks (4 - 2), Fouls committed (14 - 13)




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