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08 May 2010
Twelfth confrontation between Manzano and Lotina; for the first time Depor’s coach was blaming himself for the poor second round of the team, while Mallorca’s manager sees the encounter as a “must win”, this in order to reach the Champions League.

Gregorio Manzano is an experienced coach that started his career in the world of football during the year 1983; he never took part of the game as a professional player, but already coached fifteen different clubs in Spain. This is his second stage at RCD Mallorca; which started at the beginning of the season 2006/07. His biggest achievement was the Copa Del Rey conquered with RCD Mallorca on the season 2002/2003.
This is the twelfth confrontation between Manzano and Miguel Angel Lotina. The series is favourable to Depor’s coach as he already added five wins against two of the Bailén-born trainer. Manzano’s first victory over Lotina occurred on the liga season 2007/08 as his Mallorca defeated Depor at the Ono Stadi with a 1-0 score (matchday 29), two seasons later the story was repeated, this time with a 2-0 score (matchday 18).

Depor coach gave a press conference on Friday; the main inquiry was to know the condition of Filipe ahead of this game, he answered that, “He is not ready for the full ninety minutes, but fit enough to enter for a few minutes according to how the game is. My idea is to give him twenty or thirty minutes. I want to see him playing, but this is a Primera game, there are other team mates and we must valorise it.”

Another fact confirmed by the Basque coach is that Valerón, Rochela and Raúl will be starters, while he confessed that the reason to delay the release of the list of picked players is the fitness of Lassad and Adrian, “I am not sure if we will be able to count with them, that’s why I decided to delay the final list, tomorrow we will see how they are.”

Regardless to the game, the Meñaka-born trainer was talking of what he expects from his team, “”I am worried of two things: to play well and to leave good sensations on the pitch, because against Mallorca it isn’t one more game; it’s the last game at home and it’s important to see things from the youngsters and see how they react alongside the veterans.”

In Mallorca there are some rumours that Sevilla could be paying to Depor’s players in order to achieve a victory in this game, this in the quest for the last position at the Champions League, but Lotina just answered that, “I don’t know what are you talking; its fine with me if there’s a suitcase full of money. But I never collected money from any other club that isn’t mine.” 

The last part of the interview was dedicated to the self criticism after the recent poor results, “How can’t I be self-critic? This is a fatal moment for us, something we don’t wan to live. I can only ask for apologies to the fans, because I am the first responsible, and surely have made things badly within the last two months. Anyhow, we must learn from mistakes. I never lived what I lived on this year, with a good streak in the first round and later with a bad one in the second, and neither these kind of problems with the injuries.”  

In this sense the coach didn’t agree with the previous declarations of Lopo as the defender was saying that the players don’t deserve to wear Depor’s shirt, “I don’t agree with the subject of not bee worthy to carry this shirt. On the first round they played at 150% and now they are paying the price. If we were at the same point after a terrible first round and a second much netter, then people will be happier.”

Mallorca’s coach gave a press conference on Thursday; he still optimistic of his chances to reach the Champions League, “We depend of Sevilla’s game and of ourselves. Nothing is lost yet. Once we have secured the fifth spot we must focus in the last two matches. Depor is living a negative streak and it won’t be an easy game, because they will want to say good-bye to the season with a victory. In the other side, we need to win, yes or yes.”

“To end fourth is something as complicated as it was before. It’s possible in a mathematical sense, though now we depend on what Barcelona can do. Logically, we desire a win of Barca, as Sevilla was also wishing a victory of Real Madrid. But it will be worthless if we don’t defeat Deportivo.” He added.

About Depor, Manzano said that, “They will surely try to break that negative streak. Within the last ten matchdays we only lost two games, but our positive moment has nothing to do with their negative mark. We will have to win on the pitch and for that we must work hard.”

“Depor has quality player that for no reason have came down in a numeric sense. We all know the quality of the players that they have. They have enough quality to defeat Mallorca or anybody else. A different thing is their current emotional state, motivation and their implication. The problem is that our mentality must be stronger, with the best attitude and to be on shape, because we must win, yes or yes.” the Bailén-born trainer added.

Manzano also gave some clues about who will be replacing Borja and Nunes, his main casualties for the game, “Ramis is already fine and can play, while Mario and Marti may be the solution to replace Borja.” Finally, he refused to comment about the rumours indicating that he will leave during the summer, “Don’t throw me out before time, I am not carrying any special feeling to La Coruña regardless to my exit, we are just going there for the three points, which is what matters. About the rest, we will see it after the game with Espanyol.”



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