11 May 2010
Filipe Luis talked to papers La Voz De Galicia and La Opinion A CoruŮa about his comeback after his serious injury; he was wishing to play against Athletic and is hoping for the pre-season in order to improve his physical condition.

Q: During the whole recovery process we never saw any sign of weakness in you. Now that you have overcome the injury, did you have any low point?
A: No, none. I have been very strong and very positive at all times, because I know that itís the only way to have a full recovery. The truth is that I have seized the time I've been out, and only with hard work I can move forward. With a lot of work.

Q: Where did you find that strength? At the outside? Some people cling to religion, others use self-help books...
A: I just have been strong from the beginning, and nothing more, no more secrets. Well, nothing more than the daily work, the work has been the key in this whole recovery process.

Q: How did you recover so quickly?
A: With the hard work, not only mine but the one of the physiotherapists and doctors, they were very patient with me. Another important milestone was my family and my closest friends. All cared a lot. I most thank everyone but have to keep working. Looking ahead to next season itís important to end up winning these games. Itís very important. We must recharge the batteries and also win the last game to finish with a good taste in the mouth.

Q: Were you nervous at the moment of jumping to the field?
A: The truth is that I was calm. I completely forgot I was injured for so long, I forgot everything that happened. I really enjoyed, I felt like one more player and I had no problem during the time I played. I felt a footballer again. I still have the confidence, so I'm very happy for the game and for my comeback; for the way in which everything occurred. Certainly it has been the best possible return, with a victory for the team, which was needed after several games without it.

Q: A few days ago you said there were some things that you still couldnít do. Did you play with caution? Did you play limited?
A: No, simply I need more strength, I have to recover it. I said that was going to recover some gestures that I missed, I recovered a lot but still have to do a little more. We need time.

Q: A coach once said: "Football is a state of mind." It seems to be true. You returned, by example, and the team regained the courage and the victory. Like that night against Athletic Bilbao when you fell down injured, you spread the spirit among your team mates...
A: I'm very happy that Depor has won once again after so many games without doing so. I think it was very important to come back to the path of the victory before the end of la liga. But I donít know what to say about that thing of the spirit. I just try to help and was lucky to come back and see the team wining again. Anyway, I still have to work as I havenít done anything yet, and I have to go back to being what I was. This has been only a small step ahead and I a still have to work hard. In that sense, the pre-season is going to be perfect in order to recover the level that I had before.

Q: Now we just need to see Brayan Angulo playing again, he was injured before you and has shared with you some of the toughest moments of the recovery process...
A: I think Angulo would return to finish the season in a perfect way for the team. To see Brayan again with us, to see him in the list for Bilbao, itís very important for him and for all. It's a great guy, everybody loves him and is a great player.

Q: You might score against Gorka Iraizoz the goal that you announced just two hours after the operationÖ
A: Well, that's going to be very complicated, because he is a great goalkeeper. To be dressed as a football player during the game at San Mamťs is already a victory for me.

Q: The minutes you played against Mallorca, should mean a hope to reach the World Cup?
A: No. I know it's very difficult, but there is always a little hope. I will be attentive to the call and hopefully I will be there. I have much hope, but the more importantly thing is what I have done, I'm back. I got it, and everything else is in my hands. I am very calm.

Q: Depor was carrying with a mark of eleven straight games without a win, until you came back to cut that streak, a simple coincidence?
A: Yes. I think Raul is doing very well and also when Laure played on the left. The team just hit a slump and against Mallorca it was again the same team of the first round. That is the most important thing, restoring identity.

Q: Did you feel a boost for the overwhelming support coming from the stands?
A: The truth is that the fans gave me a tremendous joy with that reception. I didnít expect at all that it was going to be so pretty. I hope to be able to give a lot of joy to the people, because I love this club.

Q: What did your teammates told you after the game?
A: There was nothing special. I just was lucky, because itís important that Depor won again and we now feel like a Primera team. I am delighted to see the team winning again and to be on the field.

Q: Do you see yourself as an starter for next game?
A: I donít know. Maybe. It would be very different. If the coach wants, we'll talk this week. I am at his disposal and the coaches will do what they feel is best for me.



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