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11 May 2010
An historic streak of eleven straight matches without adding the three points was enough to break the nerves of the Riazor. In the past game against Mallorca the stadium had its lowest attendance of the season, while the Riazor Blues made their own protest.

The public of Deportivo is known for been really patience, it isn’t usual to see protests during the games towards the players, the coaching staff or the club’s officials. Actually, in the worst moments the fans have always showed an admirable support for the cause, like when the whole stadium gave a standing ovation to the players despite the team was losing 0-5 against Monaco for the Champions League 2004/05, or when the fans accompanied the team from the hotel to the stadium during the key win over Valladolid (3-1) that led to the resurrection of the season 2007/08.

But the most recent facts erased all that patience; just two months ago the team was fighting not only for a European place, but for the return to the Champions League, and then Depor was immersed in a downward spiral that took the team to nowhere’s land.  The Galician team even broke a negative record at the club as it spent eleven straight liga matches without achieving a victory.

The worst part is that everybody was commenting that one of the reasons for this downturn was the lack of attitude from the players after achieving the permanence. And it’s that the public interpreted that the players have lost all respect for the shirt of Deportivo and the mid-week defeat against Osasuna was the straw that broke the camel.  

Before the meeting against Mallorca, the first signs of guilt appeared inside the team, first Lopo told to Radio Voz that some players “didn’t deserve to wear Depor’s shirt”, while Lotina said in he press conference before the match that he was the guilty one and even asked for apologies to the fans. But Depor’s supporters were already tired of excuses, and it was noticed on Saturday.

And it’s that Riazor had its worst attendance of the season in the final home game in liga, only 7,000 spectators were at the stands and even the Riazor Blues, group considered as the most loyal one, protested as they decided to enter into the stadium until minute 10. It was their way to demonstrate their disapproval to the recent results of the team.

At the side of Maratón, place where the Riazor Blues usually stand during the matches, there was only a banner with a legend in Galician:  “A vosa segunda volta merece isto” (your second round serves this). It was the way to protest against the players and coaches for the low performance saw in the previous eleven liga meetings.

After ten minutes the group entered into the stadium and changed the banner for another one with the legend "E a grandeza do escudo isto" (The greatness of this shield is this) and then they started to support the team as usual. At least the players were able to offer a victory to the few fans at the stadium and in this way they broke the negative streak lived before. It seemed that the fans were content in the end, because a large part of them invaded the field after the final whistle.

After the game Lotina admitted the criticism of the Riazor, “They have all the reason in the world to complain. We recognize that we deserved this criticism and we thank them for supporting us when they attend to the stadium, as they have done it for the whole season."



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