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12 May 2010
Coach Miguel Angel Lotina gave his usual press conference of midweek, since Depor is no longer playing for anything, he spent the major part of the time analysing the possible arrivals and departures ahead of next season.

Maybe the comment that awoke the biggest surprise was the one related to Fabrilís central defender David Rochela, ďRochela already knows where he will be during next year, I canít tell you more. I havenít told the president yet, but Rochela already knows it, and we wonít say anything else. The subject of Rochela is very clear for me.Ē

Later the coach talked of signings; he started affirming that heís the one taking the final decision about the incorporations, ďThe president never brings any players if I donít give the okay first, at least since I am here. Other thing is that he comes out with a name, but here we never brought a player after I said no. Other thing is that I ask for a player and he says no, and then he offers another name, but if I say no, then we donít even look at him.Ē

"The president knows a lot about football; he and I have a total agreement on what the team needs and beyond that, in some positions he surprisingly told me that Ďwe need a signing there coach.í We know where is difficult to overcome what we already have, we are scarce and need signings, though we are going to be vigilant in the positions in which we arenít in need, because we can find a player who can fit and thatís different to what we already have " He added.

Later, the Basque man told to reporters that he already took a decision about the players that should leave during the upcoming summer, and actually that he will told them the news in person, ďThe president already has an idea of what I think, but first itís true that I will talk to the players, I will not leave the subject to the club. Experience tells me it is better in this way: to see me talking with them to avoid misunderstandings. I already have spoken to some of them and that responsibility will be mine. Then the club will have to work with the possibilities that might appear."

Later Lotina admitted that heís aware of the possible exit of Filipe and Guardado, "Nobody canít overlook that here we have very important players. Youíre aware that Filipe is with us and know that the place is well covered. Itís the same you can say with five or six players, not with ten or fifteen. If they take away one of those players then the doubts start, but for the club and the same player I would understand the exit of Filipe or Guardado. If we made those transfers, then we will have to move in other way. It isnít the same if we have offers for Guardado, Filipe or Ze Castro to now have any single one."

"Selfishly, (hopefully) Filipe could stay if there is no bid fro him. Thatís what my head says, but my heart tells me that heís a guy who deserves it, this in case thereís an offer that can fill him in a sporting sense and we also know that the club needs to sell and I understand it. If they would have sold him on last year I would have understood, the president knows it and Iím open to it, though later we will miss him."

Regardless to the last game of the season against Athletic Bilbao, the Basque confessed that ďFilipe is fine and will be a starterĒ and later explained the situation with the injured players, ďAt the beginning the news are good, Antonio Tomas and Lassad are working and Ze Castro even lost five or six pounds. Then we will see how Riki is; he hasnít been able to run and has a blow since the last game. About Pablo Alvarez, it seems he will be fit to play.Ē

The bad news is that it seems that Brayan Angulo wonít be able to play in the last game of the season, ďHe will have the medical okay on this week, but the doctors tell me that Angulo isnít the same compared to Filipe.Ē Finally, Lotina was feeling content because Ze Castro has been picked by Portugalís manager Carlos Queiroz for the World Cup, ďWe are all content, itís great news. Besides, Portugal is a great team.Ē



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