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21 May 2010
The stats of Depor are among the worst ones in la liga and are also between the poorest numbers within the last nineteen seasons of the club. Only the number of yellow cards can be appointed as the lonely positive stat of Deportivo.

The negative statistics begin with the number of points added by Deportivo during the liga tournament; Lotina’s team only added 47, number that’s the lowest since the season 1991/92, the one of the last promotion to Primera División (31). Since then the team always presented a better mark, with the exception of the season 2006/07, the last one with Caparrós, moment when the team added the same mark of 47 points.

A key to understand this poor behaviour is the performance away from the Riazor; and it’s that Depor was only able to achieve the 31.58% of the points disputed away from home, again it’s the lowest percentage since the last promotion to Primera, because on the season 1991/92 Depor only added the 26.32% of the points disputed away from the Riazor.

But at least the Galician team was able to present a decent mark at home, because Deportivo added the 57.89% of the points disputed at the Riazor, a mark that’s the second best within the last six years, only improved by the percentage conquered on the past liga edition (68.42%).

Another negative mark is to realise that Deportivo only scored 35 goals in the 38 liga matchdays of the season, which was the second lowest number in la liga (Espanyol was the worst with 29). Beyond that, the mark was the second lowest for Depor since the season 91/92, only surpassing the number saw on the 2006/07 campaign (32).

The true is that it isn’t a surprise, because Deportivo only completed 400 attempts to score in the whole liga season; only relegated club Xérez presented a worst mark (359). Also to mention that Depor only completed 132 shots on goal, which was the worst mark in la liga tied with Xérez. To notice that the 67% of Depor’s attempts to score ended in shots that missed the target, which was the worst percentage at Primera División.

Another thing to notice is that Deportivo leaked 49 goals in the 38 liga matchdays, it wasn’t a bad number compared to other clubs like Tenerife (74), but it was the second worst mark for Depor since the last promotion to Primera. The worst mark in the period was the 50 goals allowed on the 2004/05 campaign.

Once again it shouldn’t be a surprise, because Depor allowed 603 attempts to score to its rivals; it’s the second highest mark at Primera División, only surpassed by UD Almeria (624). That’s why Daniel Aranzubia was the fourth keeper in la liga in terms of saves: 135. The Bwas only surpassed by Diego Alves (170), Iraizoz (141) and Juan Pablo (136)

Maybe the only positive thing that can be extracted from the season is related to the fair play, because Depor’s players only saw 70 yellow cards on the liga season, that’s the lowest number at Primera División and a reduction to the 88 yellow cards shown to Depor’s players on the past liga edition, though at the same time Depor’s players were sent off in eight opportunities, which was only the 12th best mark in la liga.



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