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21 May 2010
Definitely one of the main problems throughout the season were the casualties due to the injuries; and it’s that 22 of the 25 players at the team suffered at least one injury case, in the end there were 83 cases, some of them serious ones.

The season 2009/2010.had a bittersweet taste as Depor was only able to end tenth in la liga after spending almost the entire tournament among the top six places. One of the reasons for the debacle was the constant absence of players due to the injury cases. And it’s that 22 of the 25 players at the first team suffered at least one injury that forced them to steep out of one or more liga matches.

Valerón, Colotto and Manu were the only three men that were able to stay healthy throughout the season. The three of them never suffered any physical problem. Other three players faced some issues, but it wasn’t enough to see them out of the list of available men: Aranzubía, Iván Pérez and Laure.

In the end the club reported 83 injury cases, though only 24 were serious injuries that forced the players to miss at least one liga matchday. The player that suffered more cases was Zé Castro with ten.

Adding the number of days that all the injured players stayed out of competition it’s possible to calculate the amazing number of 1,162 days, in other words it was like the team lost a single player during three years. The man with more days out of action was Brayan Angulo (183), who suffered a knee ligaments problem in the first stage of Copa Del Rey and wasn’t able to return before the final matchday.

Filipe Luis is also on the list as he spent 104 days out of competition due to the fracture suffered in the match against Athletic Bilbao. The other three players that were out for at least 100 days due to injury reasons were Juca (155), Lassad (121) and Mista (107).



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