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22 May 2010
RCDLC.com continues with the analysis of the season that has just ended; now it’s time to judge the player’s performance. The study is divided in three sections and the first part consists in the review of the work done by the keepers and defenders.

On the season 2009/10 Coach Miguel Angel Lotina used two goalkeepers, five central defenders and five side defenders in his lineups. Of this list composed by twelve men three players were coming from Deportivo B, while keeper Manu was making his debut after been promoted in the pre-season.

Aranzubia (3,160 liga minutes): Once again a key player at Lotina’s team and the first candidate to claim the award of player of the season. His defensive line gave too many facilities and Depor ended as the second team that allowed more attempts to score at Primera (603). The response of the Basque keeper was to end fourth in la liga in terms of saves (135). As it happened on the past season he was sent off in one game (the visit to Sporting Gijón) and committed some clear mistakes, like in the visit to Real Valladolid, but in a general sense Aranzubia was a solid keeper and his performance is one of the few things that can be saved from this season.
RCDLC.com rating: 8

Manu: (259): It was his first season at the first team of Deportivo and the true is that the ex-Sporting did what was expected from him: to cover the crucial spot at the goal when Lotina needed him. This was possible since the Asturian was one of the three players at the team that never suffered an injury. He played the six matches in Copa Del Rey and, although he seemed insecure in the series with Valencia and Sevilla, in the end his performance was good. He also played three games in liga, including the final matchday at Primera (0-2 at Athletic Bilbao), encounter in which he was the best Depor’s player on the pitch.
RCDLC.com rating: 7.5

Manuel Pablo: (2,970) The third field player with more minutes on the season, and once again his performance was in discussion. The Canarian started the season as replacement, then he gained a spot at the starting eleven and gave a sense of secureness, but later fell down like the rest of the team, apparently because he wasn’t totally fit. The injury of Filipe forced him to play a few games as a left-back defender, which just lowered his performance.
RCDLC.com rating: 6.0

Laure: (1,717) He had the weird behavior of playing decent games against big rivals like Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo, but later failed against smaller clubs like in the visit to Sporting Gijón. He also had to cover the casualty of Filipe at the left sector and the true is that he never looked confident at that side of the pitch.
RCDLC.com rating: 6.0

Seoane: (90) One of the six Fabril’s players that debuted with the first team during this season; he looked decent in the Copa clash with Sevilla (2nd-leg), but he was unlucky as his lonely game at Primera División was the 0-2 home defeat with Real Valladolid, which was one of the worst games of the team on the season, though it must be said that he was playing as a left-back defender when his normal position is at the right.  It seems that Lotina didn’t like him as later the coach tested other options.
RCDLC.com rating: 6.5

Lopo: (3.058) Once again the leader of the defense and the field player with more minutes in liga. This time he had lesser problems with the referees and was only booked in six opportunities. He looked solid, though, like the whole defensive line, the Catalan had problems in the last part of the tournament as Depor’s midfield left too many spaces, which compromised his position against the efforts of the rivals. He also tried to participate in the set-pieces though was only able to score once.
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0

Ze Castro: (704) The most unlucky player on the season; the Portuguese was a starter at the beginning of la liga, but soon lost his place as he was one of the “punished”• players after the 2-3 setback against Espanyol (matchday 03), after that game he became a substitute and lose the pace of the competition. He was also the player with more injury cases and diseases (10). And to icy his unfortunate season he scored an own goal in the match against Getafe, and also paid the price before the fans after he was whistled by the Riazor as he was replaced in the home game against Valladolid, match in which Lotina forced him to perform as a defensive midfielder. The only good thing for Ze Castro is that he was picked by Carlos Queiroz for the Portuguese team that’s playing the World Cup 2010.
RCDLC.com rating: 5.0

Colotto: (2,700) The big winner from Ze Castro’s miseries; he claimed the spot alongside Lopo at the centre of the defence and responded during big part of the liga tournament. Lethal in the aerial game the Argentine ended as the defender with more goals scored in la liga (3), but like Lopo he faced problems at the end of the tournament and it seemed the season was too long for him in a physical sense.  
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0

Piscu: (225) The Galician was close to go out loaned, but in the end stayed as the fourth central defender at the team. That’s why he only played three games on the liga campaign, too little to make a proper valorization abut his skills and maturity on the pitch. To make things worse he broke his shoulder when Lotina finally gave him the chance to replace Lopo (at Valencia).
RCDLC.com rating: 6.5

Rochela: (315) Everybody was wondering when this “veteran” youngster was going to debut at the first team, and his time came in Copa Del Rey and later as he replaced injured Piscu in the visit to Valencia. Lotina used the last games on the season exclusively to test him ahead of next season, this since the Galician player performed as a central defender and as a defensive midfielder. Despite his age the Galician boy gave the sense of been a very mature player, and rumours say that Lotina is already convinced and that he will be promoted for next year.
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0

Filipe: (1,787) The Brazilian was close to be transferred to Barcelona, but stayed in order to continue with his evolution at Depor. Once again he and Guardado were the “lungs” of Depor and the duo converted the left flank into the most dangerous zone in attack. Maybe his best game was in Copa against Valencia (second-leg) as he replaced Guardado at the left wing. Unfortunately a serious fracture left him out for the final half of the season and also from the World Cup 2010. The question is: how long will he stay at Depor before been captured by a richer club?
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0

Angulo: (0) The Colombian wasn’t able to debut in liga after suffering a serious knee ligaments injury during the Copa clash with Murcia; he only played 120 minutes with the first team, but gave the sense of been a promising player that can continue to grow. He was already fine for the last matchday in liga, but Lotina preferred to reserve him.
RCDLC.com rating: 6.5

Raul Garcia: (343) Alongside Rochela and Juan Dominguez he was one of the three big debuts coming from Fabril; he was tested as the replacement of Filipe at the left side of the defence and Lotina ended more than satisfied with his work. Actually the Basque coach already said that he might have a spot at the first team for the coming seasons. He was solid in defence and even participated in the attacks of the team, though he still has to polish this last aspect.
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0



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