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23 May 2010
The second part of RDLC.com analysis is focused in the midfielders; Lotina used seven and the true is that it was the flattest line of the team, though the big hope for the future is Juan Dominguez.

Coach Miguel Angel Lotina used seven midfielders on the regular season, two of them were coming from Deportivo B. It was the softer line of the team as nobody did the merits to deserve a seven-point or higher valorization. Maybe the only good news on this sector was the appearance of Juan Dominguez, who is promising to become into an important player at the club, and perhaps with the capacity to reach the national squad.

Juan Rodriguez: (3.060 minutes in liga) Maybe the perfect example to explain what happened to the team in la liga. He was among the best players in the first part, but later fell down alongside the rest to end completing the worst second round in the history of Deportivo. It canít be said that his season was solid, but neither was bad for the things did at the beginning.

Once again he performed everywhere as Lotina used him as a pivote, playmaker and more frequently as a right winger. The best thing of the Andalusian was his consistency as he only missed three liga matches, maybe for this reason he ended as Deporís player with more fouls committed (72, the 19th highest mark at Primera Divisiůn), he was also Deportivoís man with more fouls received (60) and even was the player with more steals (46). A curious thing is that he only made ten shots on target, but three of them ended in a goal while other three hit the posts.
RCDLC.com rating: 6.5

Juca (1,125) It was a surprise at the beginning as the Brazilian participated in almost all the goals scored by the team within the first five liga matchdays, but a thigh problem suffered when he was celebrating a free-kick goal against Villarreal caused his downfall. After that problem he spent the major part of the season injured and never recovered the previous level. He was accused of been losing the ball too often and didnít contribute to the offensive efforts of the team.
RCDLC.com rating: 6.0

Sergio (1,863): Another midfielder that showed two faces, at the beginning he looked smoother and even brought freshness to midfielder territory, but after been out for  a month in January -due to an injury- he returned to be the shadow of past seasons. For the first time on his career he completed a scoreless season and itís that he only completed seven shots on target in the whole liga campaign, though he ended as one of the top three players in terms of steals (28).
RCDLC.com rating: 5.5

Antonio Tomas (2,408): Same story tan the rest of pivotes at the team, he was looking fine in the first part of the tournament , but later fell down as Deporís midfielders started to lose the war at the centre of the pitch. His main problem continues to be his flat performance in attack, as example a simple stat: he just made three shots on target in the whole liga season. A curious thing is that for the second time in two years he got injured in the warming up of a liga match, this time in the home game with Real Zaragoza (matchday 35).
RCDLC.com rating: 6.0

Juan Dominguez (744): One of the few good news on the season. This was his first campaign at Primera, but the youngster looked very serious and well placed although he was promoted from Fabril at the age of 19. Heís a classy player that needs to be polished, and like Antonio Tomas he still need to gain more depth in order to contribute with the offensive efforts of the team. In the coming season he should have more opportunities
RCDLC.com rating: 6.5

Ivan Perez:  (707) He was promoted during the pre-season and the true is that he never impressed anyone. He was the free-kick taker at Fabril, but on this season his set-pieces never brought anything to the team, actually he didnít make any assist. Lotina used him as a playmaker and also as a left winger, he made a few good appearances as a replacement, but never as a starter, perhaps thatís why Lotina preferred to use him as a substitute. And itís that Ivan played 17 of his 20 games on the liga season coming out from the bench, that was  the higher number at Deporís team.  For next season Lotina must find the right place for him.
RCDLC.com rating: 5.5

Dani (0): He just played 25 minutes in Copa Del Rey (second leg against Sevilla FC) and fulfilled his dream of debuting with the first team during an a official game. Little can be say of him since his appearance was just anecdotal. RCDLC.com rating: -



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