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24 May 2010
The third and final part of RDLC.com analysis is focused in the attackers (wingers, playmakers and strikers), in a global sense the performance was terrible, but there a couple of things that deserve to be rescued.

Coach Miguel Angel Lotina used six different strikers on the season, and still his team couldn’t avoid to end as the second worst scorer at Primera División (only 35 goals scored), which should demonstrate the problems that Depor faced against the opposite goal throughout the season. However there were some good things, like the explosion of Riki, the skills of Guardado and the progress of Adrian.

Pablo Alvarez: (1.413 minutes in liga) “The Shark” played 28 liga matches, that’s his best mark since his arrival to Depor, the problem is that he was supposed to replace Lafita at the right wing, and the Aragonian is a player with more depth compared to Pablo, which can be easily determined by the stats: Pablo only completed six crosses to the area and four shots on target, though he scored twice. What happens is that he has the tendency to go to the centre. That’s the reason why Lotina usually put him as a playmaker preferring to perform with a defensive midfielder – Juan Rodriguez- at the right side of the pitch. It’s not that the player had a so terrible performance, but that he wasn’t the right person to replace Lafita.
RCDLC.com rating: 6.0

Andrés Guardado: (2,006) The best assistor of the team on the liga season (6), once again was one of the most dangerous players at the team as he led the attack by the left flank. He was also Depor’s player with more crosses to the area (46). Perhaps he needed more will to attempt to score as the Mexican only completed nine shots on target scoring three goals. One more time the injuries blocked his progress as the injury sustained in the home game against Osasuna occurred in his best moment on the season, level that he never recovered. Definitely is a good player, but still has to grow in order to be considered a major star in this game
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0

Juan Carlos Valerón: (1,224). One of the preferred players by the fans and the centre of the debates as he only started in 12 matches (he played as substitute in other 12 liga encounters). The problem with El Flaco is that his game is becoming intermittent, sometimes he seemed as the only player on the pitch that knew what he was doing, but in other moments he was lost and disconnected from the attackers. However he managed to end the season as the second best assistor at the team (5), another of his problems was his lack of punch against the goal, and it’s that the Canarian only completed one shot on target in the whole liga season, and curiously it ended in goal as he scored in the opening matchday against Real Madrid 
RCDLC.com rating: 6.0

Riki: (1,531) Finally the Madrilenian broke with the signboard of been the revulsive of the team as now he was the second striker with more minutes at the team (the injuries prevented him to be the first). The ex-Getafe was the most dangerous man in attack, something clearly demonstrated in the last part of the liga tournament, just when it seemed that nothing else was working out. He constantly was given problems to the rivals and performed as central attacker, right winger and second striker. His stats demonstrate his solid performance as he was the Pichichi at the team (8 goals scored) and Depor’s player with more shots on target (24). His two problems were the injures, that started to affect him since December, and the referees, and it’s that the  reputation of piscinero affected Riki as the referees were all over him, as example the visit to Getafe when he was unfairly sent off in two actions without any sense.  
RCDLC.com rating: 7.5

Adrian: (2,092) After returning from Malaga FC, the Asturian finally got the protagonic role that he was searching for as he was the striker at the team with more minutes in liga. In some games he was truly unbalancing the rival’s defense, but in others Adrian demonstrated that still need to gain more depth, as example the fact that he only completed nine shots on target scoring four goals, that’s a low mark for an attacker that should be a reference up front. He was also used as a right winger, and the true is that he did a great job there. Still, he can improve.
RCDLC.com rating: 6.5

Lassad: (785) A lot was expected from the Tunisian after debuting with the first team on the past season, but he disappointed, mainly because he never had the needed continuity due to his endless injury problems. In the end the ex-Fabril only played in the half of the liga matches, making ten shots on target and only scored two goals; Very poor stats for a player that possesses the skills to do a better job.
RCDLC.com rating: 5.5

Rodolfo Bodipo: (505) The Equatoguinean lost all that he earned on the past season as he completed his first scoreless liga campaign at Deportivo. Last year he was discarded at the beginning by Lotina, but managed to came from behind and end the liga tournament with a decent mark of five goals scored. This time the start was the same, but the ending was different, because Bodipo never showed anything in the 21 matches that he played in liga. It seems his destiny is outside of La Coruña.
RCDLC.com rating: 5.0

Mista A copy of last season; the Murcian only made one solid game on the campaign and spent the major part of the time injured. Last year it was the opening game against Real Madrid, this time it was the visit to Getafe. Those were the only two good games of Mista at Depor, and also the lonely two occasions in which he scored a goal wearing the Blanquiazul shirt. Too little according to what was expected from him.
RCDLC.com rating: 5.0

David Añon (96) He was an important player in the campaign of Fabril, but at Depor’s first team he didn’t show too much, the Galician kid just showed good skills in the final minutes against Real Zaragoza as he replaced Riki. He made a nice header in that game that only keeper Roberto –and the crossbar- prevented to end in goal. Lotina still have to decide if the kid will have new chances in the coming season.
RCDLC.com rating: 5.5



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