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25 May 2010
Coach Miguel Angel Lotina talked to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña and gave his opinion about the players’ performance during the season that has just ended.

Newspaper La Opinión A Coruña printed a report with the analysis made by Miguel Angel Lotina regardless to the players’ performance during the season that has just ended. The following is a translation of the coach’s reviews.

Aranzubia: “Dani was once again over his habitual line of the regularly, always yielding at the goal. He demonstrated once again to be an important player at the team, because he offers a consistent performance throughout the season.”

Manu: “He had to play tough and complicated matches, like the one in Gijón. For me he was fine. This was his first year at Primera División and that’s complicated for a keeper that has to appear from time to time. For me his performance was more than acceptable.”

Manuel Pablo: Despite the accumulation of matches he ended the season fresher. In a general sense his performance was good. For me he was better compared to last season. I’m happy with Manuel, because he is a player that always offers a good level.”

Laure: “When he is on the bench and has to play one, two or three games, or when he has to play from time to time in Copa, his level is high. This year, and due to the injuries of the two left-back defenders, he had to play a lot of straight games, and that has a big weight. Anyhow we are content with him, because he’s a hard worker.”

Lopo: “In the same line of regularly of the last years. He already spent a lot of seasons at Primera and is an important player. For me he is one of the best central defenders at the Spanish league.”

Colotto: “He needs to play and train, but above all to compete to see his body starting the engine. He isn’t like Piscu, in other words a player that can only perform during one day. That’s his suffering: he has a body that needs to be on shape. At the end he faced some problems, but in a general sense he contributes with a lot of things.”

Ze Castro: “Under my view, he started the season with more doubts compared to the past year, that’s why he lost his place at the starting eleven. When he had the chance to play something was happening to him, like a stomach problem, and never had continuity.”

Piscu: He just played a few games, but it’s one of the players that leave me more content, because he trains really well and for that reason always does a good job when he has to play. He made very solid games despite been a substitute, this since he is focused and working fine. I am enchanted with him.”

Rochela: “The true is that Rochela has surprised us a bit. He is a player that has been better at the first team than at the B squad, surely because he plays more comfortable at Fabril. He was fine in the games that he played, so well that he has totally convinced us.”

Filipe: “Until his injury his grow was unstoppable. He was tremendous during the first round, fortunately he returned before the end of la liga and that has been very important.”

Angulo:  The true is that we have seen nothing or almost nothing of him, because his injury came too soon. We just saw him in the pre-season. The hope was to see him growing alongside Filipe. We still think he can grow up and that has good things.”

Raúl: Surely isn’t ready to match the needed level at Primera, but has good things. He committees a few mistakes when he has the ball, he always does the correct play. He does everything okay. Raul isn’t excessively aggressive in defense, but still is a hard worker. He still can improve a lot.”

Juca: He brought what we was expecting from him when we signed the player, especially intensity and some goals. What happens is that it has been hard for him to play with the order that we usually have. There is where he has had some problems, but brings intensity and some other stuff that we were missing.”

Antonio Tomas: It has been the first year in which Antonio has had so many presence and minutes, his first year at Primera when he has played so many complete games. He gained muscles and is growing as an athlete. His growth as a footballer is really important.”

Juan Rodriguez: “A player that knows how to be inside a group, a man that can perform in three different positions  and that knows how to yield in all of them. Surely he isn’t the best at all the places, but always fulfills the expectations and that means tranquility for a coach. The season made by Juan Rodriguez has been notable.” 

Sergio: “This year he has had more physical problems, he never had them in his career and that’s why he has faced some difficulties. He is a talented football player. In the end he was injured, but never missed a training session and neither any game. He always wants to play, in that sense he’s phenomenal.”

Juan Dominguez: “In a general sense he was fine. You can notice he’s a real football player. It was a pity that we didn’t see him in this last part of the season due to the injury that has stopped him. The true is that we have high hopes on him.”

Dani: “He is fine, but still unprepared for Primera División, though he had a few minutes in Copa Del Rey. He is an honorable player, very complete in a general sense, but we still think he is not ready for Primera División.”

Iván Pérez “It was hard for him to enter. He was a little better at the end, having more confidence. But at the beginning you watched him doing some things in the training, and later you watched him on the pitch and it wasn’t the same. It was impressing thing for him to play at Deportivo and at Primera División.”

Valerón: “From less to more. If he’s fresh the team notices it, but when he is tired, then the team suffers. That tiredness appears when he plays two straight games of ninety minutes. There he suffers, but has that extra point that makes the team to be different.  When he is fine we have more football and later have that last pass. H ended the season in a better way compared to how he started.”

Pablo Alvarez: “It has been the year in which he felt more as a football player, this since Lafita and Cristian were gone and, as its logic, he noticed it. He has lived of everything. The responsibility of been the starter isn’t the same to the responsibility of appearing when the starter is gone. It’s very different.”

Guardado: “He’s a player that brings character, a lot of hard work and also talent. The true is that he brings a lot of things to the team. When he is not on the pitch we noticed it, because he plays in a side, the left, where we know we have an important player.”

Lassad: “He has been synonymous of injury; he hasn’t been at 100% for any game, and that’s difficult to handle. He didn't have two full weeks of training, it was just suffering. It has been the most important casualty on this year, alongside with Filipe. We must believe that next year it will be different.”

Riki: “He has made his best seasons since he is with us. It opened the gates of hope. He has some incredible conditions and also deficiencies to play as a reference in attack. He is more a second striker, but even playing alone in attack he has brought a lot of things.”

Adrian: “People look at him and see that he’s cold, but it is his way to be. He has had of everything, but I am content with what he did. Especially, because he contributes to our defensive work. We want to demand more goals from him, but he does everything in order to improve.”

Bodipo: “He wasn’t able to keep that icy point of his previous three years at Depor, this year it was lower. There was a moment when it seemed that he was going to do it, but in my opinion he didn’t keep the level of the past year, moment when he had a solid month. That’s the reason why he didn’t have more participation.”

Mista:  “He had ten or twenty days in which he was solid, the game with Getafe as example, but always had problems with the injuries and a player without continuity… if you aren’t playing and are training at the top, then you will always have an opportunity, but Mista wasn’t able to have continuity throughout the year.”

Añon He has very good things. He is a hard worker and knows how to play without the ball. He is very honorable on the pitch, but only time will tell us what his real level is. I want to see him in the future, but still is a question mark.”



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