26 May 2010
One day after the stormy declarations of his agent, Brazilian Filipe Luis tried to calm down the situation at newspaper La Opinión assuring that he will only leave if a good offer for Depor arrives. He also talked about his recovery process.

Q: Are you taking things more easily after the frustrated exit to Barcelona??
A: Yes. Each season teaches you something different and what happened last year taught me a lot. I will not fall into the same mistake I made before. Now I want to enjoy. What comes out on the papers? I guess not too much will be printed. I am calm. We shall see.

Q: You're one of the great assets of the club, the most valuable player in the market, with Guardado. Are you a commodity?
A: No. You feel proud to see clubs interested in you. But the most important thing is to be strong, able to overcome that situation. I had difficult moments at the beginning of this season, and with the help of my team mates, and especially the coach, I got over it very well. Villa is a great example. He had two moved summers, but always performed at a high level and has now signed for Barca.

Q: Is your head one hundred per cent at Depor?
A: Yes. I have a long contract (until June 30, 2013) and now I got the idea that I'm going to stay here all the time of the contract. I will only leave if it's good for the club and for me, otherwise I will not leave. So I guess I'll be here for many years.

Q: What is your balance of the campaign that just ended?
A: The first round was spectacular. Everything went perfect. What happens is that later the subject of the injuries overcame us. The team dropped a little in a physical sense, because we couldn’t make rotations. It was normal. The important thing is that it shouldn’t happen again next season. Let's try again with rechargeable batteries, with another spirit and fresh ideas to start winning again.
Q: What would you ask from the next campaign?
A: I want a great season; that the team will not have dips for the subject of the injuries; that we won’t have the bad luck we he had, and that we can be there again being the revelation.

Q: Starting again with the goal of the salvation?
A: Deportivo is a reference at Primera División, Manuel Pablo already said it. Almost all the players would like to play at Depor and I am very proud to be in this club, as I think everybody is. We must continue along this line, to make many points and win many games to achieve the permanence. If then we can fight for Europe, fine, but if not, the main goal is to be saved.
Q: Do you feel particularly pleased to be back to compete before the end of la liga after overcoming your injury in a record time?
A: For me it was my best season in football. Everything has been spectacular. Even the injury caused some positive things. I have beaten this injury, which was very complicated, it gives me a very good taste. I'm quiet living the holidays and want to continue working in order to return stronger.

Q: Don’t you value more the previous season, when you were able to play all league games as a starter?
A: No. For me it was more perfect than the last. In the last I had very bad games. In this I just made some bad matches, while almost all were fine. I scored more goals than last season in far fewer meetings, I made my international debut, I got injured and many people supported me. For me it was great.

Q:  For all that you have suffered within the last twelve months, first with what happened in the summer and then with his injury, do you feel much stronger and mature than a year ago?
A: Yes. Each passing season I evolve more and better, not just in a football sense, but also in a psychological level, but I have yet to improve. The best moment of a player is between the 28 and 30, so I know I have a lot to improve. I will try to be much better than I am today.

Q: Were you surprised at how quickly you overcame the injury?
A: No. I expected to be training with the group in three months, and it came a little earlier. I know that when I started the training maybe I was not quite ready, because it still cost me a little, but we were careful. I was ready to play before those last two games, but I am very grateful to the coach and doctors, because they stopped me. If not, I could have suffered a relapse, because I was a little anxious. It was all perfect. The injury helped me in many things, not just by the fact that I recovered soon, but because I learned many things, to know myself and know how nice it’s to be playing football. There are many things. I value very much this; that many people supported me, and I've met new people. That’s the key to me.

Q: After recovering and participating in the last two matchdays, are you willing for more?
A: For me it was enough with all that happened in this campaign. What will be better for me is the pre-season, to train and recover the muscles that I lost. For me it was perfect. I forgot the injury and now want to recharge batteries.

Q: And cheer up for Brazil to win the World Cup.
A: Of course. I will be one more fan. I want to win the title. If they do, I will also feel as a champion.



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