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27 May 2010
Brayan Angulo wonít continue at Deportivo after all the parties didnít reach an agreement. The player belongs to Invertfutbol and there wasnít an agreement about the terms of a new loan period, neither with the player about his wages.

 Colombian defender Brayan Angulo wonít continue at Deportivo after the club didnít reach an agreement with neither Invertfutbol, the owner of his rights, nor with the same player. Invertfutbol agreed to pact a new loan spell without any cost for Deportivo, but the corporation wanted to see the Galician club subscribing a one million Euros buyout option expiring on April 30th, 2010, while Lendoiro wanted to have two more months.

But the main problem was with the player, his father and agent, Carlos Angulo didnít accept the conditions offered by the club during a meeting had today. The club was offering to maintain the conditions of the loan deal and if later the club would have decided to buy him, then a contract lasting until 2014 would have been signed, but the player wanted a better salary, something that Lendoiro didnít accept.

After the meeting Carlos Angulo told to reporters, ďSince our arrival we felt enchanted and wanted to continue, but since tomorrow we will have to study other offers. Right now we have some propositions in France and also in Spain; we will like to continue on here.Ē

Angulo arrived loaned for the season 2009/2010 as the future replacement of Filipe Luis at the left side of the defense, but the Colombian suffered a serious knee injury during the second leg in Copa against Real Murcia. In the end he only played two games (120 minutes) wearing the shirt of Deportivo, both of them in Copa Del Rey. The player was already recovered for the final matchday in liga against Athletic Bilbao, but coach Lotina decided to not pick him.

The premature exit of Angulo could mean a golden opportunity for Fabrilís Raķl Garcia, who may end promoted to the first team as the backup for the left-back position, though for the moment he doesnít want to give too many importance to it, ĒIt could be that my situation is now different due to the case with Angulo, but for the moment I donít know anything. My team is the B squad and the summer is long, a lot of things could happen.Ē He told to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa.



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