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30 May 2010
The media in Madrid is speculating that Deportivo and Atletico Madrid are near to sign an agreement that will take Brazilian Filipe Luis to the capital; as exchange Depor will get nine million Euros plus two players.

It is a strong rumor that started at Sportpaper AS, Atletico Madrid wants a new left-back defender and has put its eyes over three possibilities: Marcel Schafer (Wolfsburg), Fabio Coentrao (Benfica) and Filipe Luis, and it seems that Deporís defender is the preferred choice.

AS informs that the negotiations are advanced and that that the deal could be complex, because Depor will get nine million Euros (7 million in cash plus to forgive the 2 million owed for Ze Castro) plus two players: midfielder Ignacio Camacho (20) and striker Diego Costa (21). The total cost of the operation could be valued in sixteen million Euros.

On the past season president Lendoiro was wishing to recollect at least twelve million Euros with the sell of the Brazilian and was only accepting cash, but this time things are different as Deportivo has different cases in the courthouse that are blocking the cash flow of the club, reason why is more tempting to receive less cash and, at the same time, seeing the team signing a couple of interesting players.  

And itís that Lotina was already interested in Camacho as he sees the youngster as a valid replacement for Sergio, who will retire at the end of next season and that could even leave now if the Catalan is not able to solve his case with the Galician club.

Besides, Depor would get a striker thatís coming after making a wonderful season in a team that ended in Segunda, because despite the relegation of the Violet team, Diego Costa made a wonderful season ending as the Pichichi at the team with eight goals scored. For the present season the Brazilian was traded as part of the deal for goalkeeper Sergio Asenjo, but Atletico has a one million buyout option that will be fulfilled in order to make the deal with the Galicians.



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