02 Jun 2010
Young central defender talked to newspaper La Voz De Galicia and analysed his debuting season at Primera Divisiůn, and also talked of his expectations for the coming liga campaign.

Q: Did you enjoy a dreamed end of season?
A: Yes, I canít ask for more.

Q: I guess you were surprised by everything that happened in just a few weeks.
A: When you're playing in a B team always have the hope of reaching the first squad, apart from the objectives of Fabril, and for me this season was all I could ask for. But I need to be quiet and be with both feet on the ground, because you have to keep working.

Q: Any advice that you remember now?
A: You always receive messages of congratulations and good luck, but all agree in asking you for calmness and that everything will be alright.

Q: What game do you remembered as the most special?
A: No doubt, the debut in Valencia. You never forget the first one and especially against people who are all great players ... [He laughs]. It will probably pass through my head as I will be watching the national team in the World Cup.

Q: What made you more excited: your debut or to win titles with the U-17 team?
A: They are different sensations. The European tournament and the World Cup, as itís only a game and a final, are more explosion of joy. But a league game does not give you much time to analyze and just want to do my best.

Q: If they would say to you that youíre going to play three games as starter and also stand out as the best...
A: I wouldnít have believed it, had taken it as a joke. I am among those who think that everyone will have their chance and mine came at the end of the season. Neither would think if it should was before. Whatís clear is that it took me for surprise; I was not even counting in been picked for those matches.

Q: Lopo, Colotto, Ze Castro, Aythami, Piscu and you. What role do you expected to play at the first team?
A: The illusion is free. It is clear that the six of us want to play and see how the summer goes: if thereís going to be an arrival or exit. At the end of la liga the coach told me he that he was counting with me and I loved it. That I will have a number between the 25 teamís members? These are not things of my business.

Q: Do you aspire to be a starter?
A: That's very complicated. I will like to play the greatest number of games as possible, but I know that competition is very strong.

Q: How can you play so quiet and give the sensation of been so mature despite your youth?
A: I try to behave like in any other game. As at Juvenil A or Fabril. It's just football, either in Primera or Tercera, and from my experience I know that if you take things slowly, you will do better.

Q: And what is your secret to escape?
A: When you're in a match and at the pitch you avoid a bit of everything. Before going out, I put music or think of the family, but it depends a bit on the day, because if I donít have music for any reason then it doesnít matter.

Q: The coaches came to apologize for not have given you a chance before because they say you play better in matches than in training.
A: Maybe it was the concentration. Some people train better there are others who are the opposite. Yes it is true that in the games you are more involved, because of the importance they have.

Q: Tito Ramallo said that Juan Dominguez and you will mark a stage at the Riazor as Fran and Josť Ramůn did before.
A: I wish, but that is too big. They accomplished many things and we will put our utmost to do our best. For now, Juan and I think we can only settle down.

Q: In the event that in the end you would not have many minutes at Primera, would you like to stay in Fabril at Segunda B or would you prefer a loan?
A: I do not know. It is clear that itís useless to spend the time without playing. I am 20 and everybody would understand that losing a year is not good. At the time you should look the whole situation, to analyze if someone is interested in you or whatís the situation of Fabril.

Q: Will you continue combining your football career with your classes of physiotherapy?
A: Yes, I am studying, but itís clear that now I canít go at the same pace than my classmates. But the case is to find something when the football it's over. Now I have three exams. I made two more in February and passed both. I'm halfway between the first and second year.

Q: Are you already thinking in retiring? Is physical therapy is what you want to do in the future?
A: Yes. It is the profession that I like, but I also like football and canít say that I will not work on it later.



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