06 Jun 2010
Jairo Álvarez Gutiérrez has ended his contract with Depor without playing any official game with the first team; he was interviewed by newspaper La Nueva España and explained the miseries that he had to leave in La Coruña.

The usual reader of may not be conscious of the situation lived by Jairo during the season that has just ended. The playmaker was still having contract with the club, but Lotina sidelined him from the trainings. The player ended training with Fabril, but without having the chance to play. To make things worse he wasn’t paid during big part of the season. Now that his contract with Depor has ended he is denouncing his miseries during an interview at Asturian paper La Nueva España

Q: What is your situation?
A: I've finished my contract with Deportivo La Coruña and I am a free player. I'm waiting to see what my agent Jiménez finds out, and see which teams I can find. I'm better than when I was with Sporting at Segunda. I feel more human, more done, more experienced...

Q: Are you happy to leave La Coruña or disappointed by the lost time?
A: Both. I'm happy, because I really wanted to conclude the bad experience I had in La Coruña. Something has happened to me that will never understand. We must turn the page and begin another phase. I am also disappointed for not having an opportunity, and because I'm leaving with the sensation that Deportivo never met me as a player. I don’t understand why they hired me. Lotina never had eyes for me, and didn’t even have the curiosity to see how was a player that was coming after doing a solid year at Sporting.

Q: How did you live this year?
A: I was having a contract with the first team and Lotina decided to leave me without a spot. He didn’t even let me train with them and I was working with the B squad, but I neither played there. I have a tremendous enthusiasm to prove that I'm a better player now than before. I have the same hope of that player who debuted in Oviedo or the one that later performed for Sporting Gijon.

Q: A few players will find more obstacles.
A: I can’t have more obstacles. The good thing about this is that things can’t be worse. I am very proud I have overcome obstacles and now know that in order to succeed I have to work twice as any other player. I am convinced that football owes me something and it will pay me back.

Q: What thing was harder: the injuries or the or misunderstanding?
A: Last year, without doubt. Injuries are something that all players are exposed. Knowing that you were coming after playing 40 games as a starter in Lorca, of almost achieving the promotion to Segunda División and find out that you won’t even have a chance, that they are going to leave you without a spot; that they won’t even allow you to train with your teammates and that  you will spend the whole year without been paid... It was the worst year of my life, by far.

Q: How did you reach this situation?
A: The first thing I want to make it clear is that I never wanted to leave Sporting. The theme of Oviedo conditioned a bit, but I wasn’t surrounded by people who looked for the best thing for me. I went there hopeful, because Lendoiro always wanted me. It was an issue with the coach.

Q: And then the loans began.
A: Yes, the first year I started at the B squad ended up at Alavés. I am very proud to have helped to Sporting’s promotion with that goal, but would have preferred to celebrate it as a component of the squad. Then I went to Lorca and this year I was without a team. I'll never understand why they signed me for three years or why I never was picked for a game. In the pre-season of the first year they only gave me two games against teams from Tercera. Not even a 'Teresa Herrera', and neither played in Portugal... They never gave a friendly game to watch me.



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