13 Jun 2010
Youngster Juan Dominguez talked to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and analysed his first season at Deportivo’s first team; he expects to be better in what will be his second year at the squad.

Q: The season started with a little disappointment on August 31 at the Bernabéu...
A: For me it was already big news to be part of the pre-season. As the summer went by, I began to feel more comfortable, and the coach gave me more confidence, so much so that, at the beginning of the season, he told me I could be playing and entering into the call against Real Madrid. In the end it wasn’t ´possible. I traveled, but I was discarded.

Q: And you didn’t debut until December in Almeria...
A: It was the most important day of my career. I was very excited, also nervous. Once in the field I was feeling better, but never felt that ease that you always have when you're used to play. Later I played other games [twelve more]. For been my first season it was perfect. The thorn was the ankle injury just when I was a starter, and also two relapses, which made the recovery slower than expected.

Q: Did you feel loose in any game?
A: Let's see. I was always a player who takes time to adapt to any new team. Until I spend a lot of games I'm not 100% free. It doesn’t mean you're tense neither that I’m playing with a lot of nerves. It's just that, with a few more minutes and more games, I feel with more weight and more ease on the pitch.

Q: So, maybe on next season we will see the real Juan Dominguez.
A: Yes. I hope that in the coming season, if I play, I will do my best. I hope to have that same confidence I had in my second year at Fabril, also in my second year at Juvenil A...

Q: Conclusion: your strongest point is the second season.
A: Yes. Neither it’s an exaggeration the difference between the first and the second season, but as the games are passing by I'm feeling more confident. I start to know everything and I assume things as habitual situations, while in the first season I took all as a novelty.

Q: When you hear Lotina saying that’s worthy to pay the entrance just to see you controlling the ball, do you feel hope or pressure?
A: First, I take it as a compliment. It's very good that your coach says that about you, but don’t think too much about it, neither when things are good nor bad, because that is what makes you mad.

Q: In private we have heard Lotina saying:" Next year Juan Dominguez and ten more will play. "
A: I guess he was joking.

Q: He was talking seriously.
A: I insist that it would be an exaggeration of the coach. These things demonstrate that he trusts in me, and that's always positive, but things change a lot during the season and let’s see if I can play at the end.



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